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    i'm tellin' ya', george, it's a slippery slope....

    these medal bars are addicting. from conversations

    with a number of longtime collector friends, they used to be

    much more commonly seen. i hope this is because they are in

    collections rather than being taken apart for those "special pieces".

    your recent finds have been uniformly in great condition!


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    Guest Rick Research

    Wish we had that thar Napredak show HERE! Moan sniffle.

    The last time I saw bars like that at a Live Show out here was... 1997! ohmy.gif

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaached my long gorilla-like arms innnnnnnnnnnn through an elbow sized opening in the herd crowding around and sccccccccccccccccccccccooooped this one out, then.


    And this was my most "recent" medal bar! ohmy.gif

    Guess which part took my eye?


    naaaaah, it was --------->





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    Guest Rick Research

    Nice one George! beer.gif I've seen quite a few early KVKs mounted that way...

    apparently they were uncommon enough at that stage that people weren't sure which side was "up!"

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