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    On ‎11‎-‎12‎-‎2010 at 13:28, GRA said:

    Some patches with a Scandinavian connection: Starting with a patch worn by a Swede in the ONUC mission in Congo pre-1963 (the veteran I got it from were awarded the medal with the UNTSO-style ribbon with a "Congo" clasp, not the later green-white-blue ribbon). Then over to the ex-Yugoslavia missions of the 90's, the Nordbat 2 combination was worn by the Swedish contribution to UNPROFOR (it also included a Danish tank squadron), the UNPREDEP patch was issued to a Dane in the Scandinavian mission in Macedonia (which was actually considered the original Nordbat, hence Nordbat 2 in Bosnia). The Shirbrig patch has a Swedish connection because of the griffin (the regimental insignia of the South Scanian Regiment), and if Sweden didn't actually contribute with troops to Shirbrig, it could very well have been training in Southern Sweden. The bilingual UN patch is also Swedish in origin, but normally the patch with United Nations in English would be issued.




    post-3707-035047600 1292068935_thumb.jpg

    Hi Jonas
    I can see that we share the same passion regarding missions patches. I have som additional information regarding the SHIRBRIG patch. It comes with one more and smallere patch, and i believe that both patches is from Poland. I have both patches from an exercise held in Poland, Exercise BALCOT from 05 -10.09.2001 in the city of Jaworze. Sweden did not participate in that exercise. I have tried to find some information regarding that unit , but whiteout any luck.IMG_0291.thumb.jpg.d016d2284d2b18f3593fc5d5246bfa7e.jpg

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    Hello Klaus!

    I have the very same patch somewhere in my collection too. I got it at the same time as the round one from a Swedish officer (he was Anti-Aircraft Artillery, if I recall correctly) in Southern Sweden. I know Sweden didn't contribute to that unit, but at the time some training was done in Sweden by UN/international units. That's why I think the round one has a Swedish connection, I might be wrong, though. This pennant... hmm... Polish unit pennant? I really don't know...


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    Welcome to the GMIC!  As ths is a very old thread, you may have better luck contacting the person who posted directly.  If you clck on the name, it should take you to that member's account and you can send him/her a private message.  Many of us have been around for 'a while' , post all over the place and don't necessarily  check all our older posts for responses.


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    Bit late but here are some Cambodian made UNTAC badges for the ANZAC signals detachment plus a mine clearance tab, again Cambodian made.

    Valcro & Cambodia clse 2.jpg

    Here is some of my UN/Peacekeepers Brassards

    UN Brasards 1.jpg

    UN Brasards 4.jpg

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