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Hi gentlemen !

After the wonderfull Oldenburg cross, now I have received this one : a nice Reuß Ehrenkreuz Orden, 3rd class with swords !

Some pictures :


The cross mounted with ribbon...

The box :





Enjoy !! :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping:

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Beautiful items Pinpon and Claudio, I like them very much. Notice that they are all the WWI type on war ribbon (the peacetime ribbon was plain crimson). By coincidence, the war ribbon of Reuß Ehrenkreuz was identical to the peacetime one of Waldeck-Pyrmont's Verdienstkreuz (the war ribbon was white with black-red-gold side stripes). By another coincidence black, red and gold are the national colours of Germany today.

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Salut JB,

Very nice item and with its box please :jumping: Congrats for your purchase.

I have exactly the same cross with box too.


Your cross is incredible, I don't remember you got that one. Did you get the Reuß cross 3rd cl. with swords and crown ?


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Salut Christophe,

It's already some years that I have that Ehrenkreuz 3. Kl.. Once I bought a Reuss Ehrenkreuz 3 Kl. with swords and crowns from a German auction house, which has been sold as mint conditions, but the crown has been added quite crudely and I had to send it back... The third class with crown and swords it's quite rare.. here one in a medal bar of General der Infanterie Rudolf GERCKE I badly wanted and bid on it, but unfortunately I wasn't lucky to get it!



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