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    Had the chance of buying one with the chockies years ago but thought the little old dear in the antique shop was having a laugh when she told me the price.

    There was only a small chunk of chocolate there and some straw but don't know if the straw was original.

    Mind you, it's a lovely tin though Ralph.

    Chris, every time I see one of those tins I shed a tear for those poor Boers. Honest mate and no mistake. :ninja:


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    Mind you, it's a lovely tin though Ralph.


    Ralph, it is a beautiful example of the type too. Lovely condition! Our Canadian War Museum has one with chocalate and cigarettes inside but I don't think it's quite so shiny as yours. They also have a scarf (or "muffler" if you prefer) allegedle knitted by Her Majesty with her own little knitting sticks and sent out to some poor trooper stuck on the veldt for Christmas. :( I believe there were said to be 50 such, so she must have been very busy. Or at least her ladis in waiting must.


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    • 6 years later...

    The queens gift to soldiers who were supressing the poor South Africans in the Boer war rolleyes.gif

    Its not really advertising, but decorative. Have been looking for one for ages. When the chockies are still in they cost a fortune.

    See here....


    I've got one with the chocolate in it. Tins are quite collectable and there are interesting ones from the Trinidad & Tobago, S. Africa, Australia, N. Zealand the UK and different cities within too. You can find them for mostly WWI but there are some for WWII. There is even a new one given by QEII to the troops in Afghanistan. It's still available on the Fortnum & Masons site.

    The WWI tins are easy to find and many of them have the cigarettes etc. inside them. I've never seen one with the contents to the Indian troops inside them though.

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    The Queen Victoria tin was only for 1900. The contents varied - however, with the chocolate and wood shavings in good condition

    then the price can easily be near to 200 pounds.

    The WW1 from the Princess Royal, was again only for one year - 1914. Most people seemed to keep them medals in them.

    South Africa issued a yearly tin for WW2 with cigarettes - in the name of Gen. and Mrs. Smuts. There was aso a bigger tin at the

    beginning of the War. The UK didn't make an official issue in WW2.

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    Hi Every One.....

    I have tried 5 times now to post a reply to this thread and each time it has taken so long to upload that the computer has timed out and deleted post......


    Here is another thread: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/44925-scottish-regiments-tobacco-tin/

    The reply was quite long so I am to frustrated to type it all out again but here are some of the pictures.....


    Now it only allows me to put on one picture and the size is not the problem......

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    Mike - thankyou for posting your tin - a very nice example.

    I think you should report the posting slowness to Nick - he may be able to make an adjustment ?

    There have been a few problems recently - I occasionally find that replies will 'go missing' - although

    new posts enter. However, I have discovered today that one of Windows 'sneaky' up-dates has

    taken me up to IE 9.

    I saw ref. on a post of Nick's that 9 has given some trouble. Perhaps this is the cause ? Mervyn

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    Nice specimen Mike, thanks for posting it.

    I always like to see older posts such as this one (started Jan. 2006) brought back to life.

    So often interesting posts get rotated down the list and are as much as lost under the volume of posts received.



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