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Saxon officier ribbon bar of Hauptmann Franz Blohm of Reserve Jäger Btn Nr. 13

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Hi everybody,

I would like to show you what my wife has bought for me for my birthday. She has bought this nice ribbon bar. She outbid me (without my permission of course) but it's not important, like I have it now in my collection.

Franz Richard Georg Amadeus Blohm served till the beginning of the war with the Jäger Bataillon Nr. 13 (whose Chief was the Prince of Reuß).

His carreer :

Fähnrich : 24.02.1903

Leutnant : 23.10.1903

Oberleutnant : 13.09.1912

Hauptmann : 17.03.1915

Hauptmann a. D. : 15.04.1919

Before the war he's received the following medals :

The first one was the cross first class for general service of the Military Order of Merit of Spain on 13.10.1908

The second one was the Bronze Life Saving Medal on 15.03.1910

The third one was the Reuß Ehrenkreuz 4th cl with crown on 15.01.1914.

During the War he has received the others orders and medals

Sa3aX : 6.02.1916

SA3bX : 31.10.1914

RE3XKr : 6.04.1916

EK2 : 1.10.1914

BrKVK2a : date unknown

After the WW1 he received the others medals

Marine corps Flandern (not sure about the ribbon) : date unknown

Hindenburg cross : date unknown

Hungarian commemorative medal for WW1 service : date unknown

Hauptmann Blohm was in the Reserve Jäger Btn from the beginning of the war till december 1916 and after that he was in the Feldeisenbahn 3. Armee


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Hi Christoph!

Your wife is very kind to you... ;-)

Great combination of decorations, impressive! Especially with the foreign awards (Spanish order) in the end... strange that Flandernkreuz ribbon with swords paired with the FEK (Hindenburg cross)... I thought it wasn't allowed to be worn after 34.



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Thanks Claudio,

My wife is the best, my son says that she is the best mom of the world, of the universe

Thanks for your comment. This bar is very interresting indeed. I like the fact that he's worn peace and war Reuß ribbons. The only problem is the fact that I have no data about Reuß awards. In the Nimmergut's book he does not give us data for Reuß, so I don't know if it is rare or not. But I like.


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:love: What an impressive ribbon bar which should feel right at home in your excellent collection Christophe.;)

Well done to your good lady wife! She has exquisite taste.;)

I believe I am right in saying Hptm Blohm would have been a comrade of Lt d.R. Hederich & Oblt d. R von Eckstädt. :lol:;)

Best wishes


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