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    • 3 weeks later...

    Igor sold this one about 2 years ago for 495 US, check out the SN :speechless1:


    He recently had another one (can't remember the S/N as I didn't copy the pics) for $990.00 I believe!!!

    Not listed anymore! Sold?!!!... Probably!...


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    • 3 weeks later...

    Almost a "NIB", but more a variant of B 09, Deputy of the County and Towns Council. The normal variety is on top, with an odd "green" badge below. A verirty of just an error?

    But NEITHER matches Dr. B's example!

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    • 2 weeks later...
    • 3 weeks later...

    1- Deputy of the State Great Assembly, 1970-90 (B 03), screwback, # 241 (numbered under screwpost)

    2- Deputy of the State Great Assembly, 1990-92 (B 04), screwback, # 0540 (numbered at lower right corner of reverse)

    Let me know if you want reverse scans.

    Edited by Ed_Haynes
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    Interesting that the republics paralelled the Soviets with these simple designations for govt. members. it's too bad there's no accessible data base to figure out who's who. Perhaps these records will come available as well someday?

    Beautiful badges. It seems they really did a nice job on these as well as for attendees of the Party Congress gatherings.

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    • 3 weeks later...

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