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    By the Numbers.... Numbered helmet covers.....

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    Yes, I´ll wait. But I hope, this thread will not be forgotten... Chip might know the solution. But, anyway, he will be busy with your other thread (soulder board Jg.Rgt.3), Chris... :whistle:

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    Here's a weak guess-

    Tschako = Jäger, R = Radfahrer (Bicycle in English), but I can't figure out 151. At mobilization only the Jäger Batl. had a bicycle company and there were only 36 (18 reserve) Jäger Batls. Even later on, only 5 bike battalions (1 Brigade) were formed.

    So, anyone else have any ideas?


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    That´s right Andy! Bravo!!!

    At mobilization, each Jg.Btl. had 2 bicycle-companies (Jg.Btl. 10 and 1st bavarian has 3 companies ; active and reserve 8 only had one).

    During the war, more companies were set-up, so too the Radfahr-Kompanie Nr.151. First in the 6th Reserve-Division. After the re-organization of the bicycle-bataillons, it later came to the 5th bicycle-bataillon

    The 5th bataillon (after re-organization) consisted of:


    1st bicycle comp.Jg.Btl.6

    2nd bicycle comp. Jg.Btl.6

    Bicycle comp. 151

    1st bicycle comp. Jg.Btl.14

    2nd bicycle comp. Jg.Btl.14

    Bicycle comp. 54


    Because the 151 was the only unit, wearing Tshakos, and we see a Jäger uniform with Karabiner, it´s the Radfahrer-Kompanie Nr.151.

    I think, it´s a nice, rare photograph

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    Thanks for the very clear explanation! It is amazing how many different types of units were raised during the war. I do not believe that most references (in English at least) actually mention the bicycle companies and later batallions in any detail. So, your photo and comments are a very welcome addition.


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    For the Bluse, enlisted Prussian Radfahrertruppen wore a graugrün Jäger type strap with hellgrün piping and the unit number in red. Bavarian Radfahrer units wore a hellgrün strap with a yellow script "R", some having a yellow Roman numeral beneath. A Württemberg decree from March 19, 1917 proscribed a Prussian type Jäger strap, but with a red "R" and a red arabic company number beneath it.

    Here is one of the Prussian types from the Res.Radfahrer-Komp.Nr.78. Any guesses to identify the other one (201)?


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