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Photos of the Ottomans and Allies decorated with the TWM

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I would like to share some photos of the Turkish Allies who have the TWM.


Top from left:

1. German Officer

2. German Officer - Asain Corps

3. Bulgarian NCO which was shared here in GMIC before by Theodor.

4. German Officer


1. German Officer

2. Bulgarian Officers

3. Jordan Tal Scheich Jussuf Ul Ursan and Hauptmann Justin

4. German Officer in Maceonia 1917

Photos are shared by Mr. Iscen who collected them from the Net.



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Now some Austro-Hungarians who has the TWM.

(source: GMIC, Wehrmacht, Axis and Mr. Tosun Saral who received the Hungarian Merit Order Knight Cross recently)

1st row:

1. Hauptmann Gojkomir Glogovac nicknamed the machine gun Bosnia Unit Commander

2. General of Infantry Peter Baron von Hofmann was born on the 10th June 1865 in Vienna as the son of an army officer. (second from left)

3. Friedrich Georgi was born on the 27th of January 1852 in Prague. As the son of a retired Oberst. TWM 1917

2nd row:

4. General Viktor Weber Edler von Webenau, 1916-1917 military governor general and thus actual head of state of Montenegro.

5. Alfred Jansa von Tannenau, Generalstabsoffizier 1915-1916 on the Balkan front. TWM on his chest.

6. Officer

7. Hauptmann Willy Martin Rohr

3rd row:

8. Hungarian pilot in the KuK Army

9. Hungarian Erzherzog Josef Franz (Leopold Anton Ignatius Maria) born 28th of March 1895 at Brünn (Brno)

10. Oberleutnant Richard Hess (Hungarian)

4rd row:

11.Viktor Severus

12. Wenzel Freiherr von Wurm, awarded Eiserner Halbmond in 1918.

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More KuK officers

From right:

1. KuK officers (3rd from right)

2. General Pokorny Hermann (Hungarian)

3. Nykolaj Zsekov

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Turks :

1 row from left:

1. 2nd. Lt S. Fikri (Mutlu) from the village of Mut of the Mersin Province.

2. 2 soldiers

3. 2 soldiers at Ariburnu, Gallipoli

4. Ismet bey - Palestine Commander 3rd Corps (Later 2nd President of the Turkish Republic)

5. Sergeant Ibrahim Hakki 27th Regiment (Heroes who first stopped the invading forces with the 57th Reg.), Gallipoli

2nd row:

6. Prof. Dr. Suleyman Numan Pasha, The Head of the Battlefield Medical Service

7. A Turkish officer called Yusuf decorated with the TWM

8. Ahmed Cemal Pasha (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Djemal_Pasha)

9. Colonel and Ambassodor Behic Erkin (Turkey's ambassador to Budapest between 1928–1939, and to Paris and Vichy between August 1939-August 1943. As Turkish ambassador in France under the German Occupation after June 1940, Erkin used the power of his office and nation's neutrality to save Jews who could document a Turkish connection, however slight, from the Holocaust.-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behic_Erkin)

3rd row:

10. Ali Fuat Cebesoy Pasha (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali_Fuat_Cebesoy)

11. An Assistant Sergeant Major (Bascavas Muavini) with 2 TWMs

12. He dedicated this photo to his elder brother Arif Date: 6 Teşrini evvel 34,1334 (October 1918)

13. 2nd Lieutenant Tahir Karauguz

4rd row:

14. Gendarmerie 2nd Lt. Selahattin Efendi (Col. Günay) was one of the heroes of Gallipoli land battles.

15. Lieutenant Hasan Dursun

16. Nuri (Killigil) Pasha (Half brother of Enver Pasha)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuri_Killigil)

17. Prince Omer Faruk Efendi (http://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%96mer_Faruk_Osmano%C4%9Flu)

5th row:

18. Captain Pilot Cemil (Ucman)

19. Artillery Sergeant Major Ismail Doganer

20. (Briagadier) Halit Karsialan

21. (Major General) Ahmet Faik Pasha Commander 2nd Corps

6th row:

22. An officer with his family

23. An Officer

24. 1st. Lieutenant Kılıc Ali (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali_K%C4%B1l%C4%B1%C3%A7)

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I think he is GfM von Mackensen


He is von Mackensen and General Hoffmann


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Cool. I especially like the Bulgarian officer.

I just spent a good half hour trying to determine who the Garde officer was, but no luck.

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Unknown, but most likely Hungarian captain:


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1. German airmen in Palestine

2. First lieutenant Keiper

3. First lieutenant Hellmuth Felmy

4. First lieutenant Hans Jürgen von Schlichting

5. First lieutenant Hans Jürgen von Schlichting at the funeral of von der Goltz Pasha. 22.6.1916 http://www.buddecke.de/schlichting.htm

6. First lieutenant Richard Falke

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