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USA ww1 commemorative medal


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Hello Gentlemen,

Does anyone know which US State or city issued this WW1 commemorative medal (and its price) ?

Is it possible to get further information from the Internet (i.e.: is there a specific site dedicated to this category of medals) ?

Thank you in advance.


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The Worcestershire Regiment site has a few minor errors, none of which apply to this medal.

The second class medal is bronze, with rosette (the miniature is in silver with rosette). I've always assumed that the French miniature manufacturer was simply used to three-grade medals (bronze, silver and gold) and never got decent instructions.

British troops apparently received more than 100 awards. I can document only about 90 awards to Americans. I've never seen any numbers from the other allies to back up Purves' "100 to each allied nation" claim. Maybe Lambert has some information about Brazilian recipients.

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