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I have found one officer who, with this rang - Oberleutnant- who received both Saxon and Austrian medals :

Later Major Heinrich Wilibald Benzien

He received the

knight cross 2nd class with X of Albert of Saxe, 22 November 1901,

knight cross 1st class with X on ring of Albert of Saxe, 23 May 1914,

China medal, 1902

Austria Franz Joseph cross 4th class, 29 June 1899,

Bavarian Military Merit order 4th class with X and crown, 7 September 1914,

He died in November 1914.


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When the war started, Maj. Benzien was assigned to the Zentral-Abteilung of the Saxon General Staff in Dresden. He assumed command of Reserve-Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 24 after Maj. Boguslav Scholten was killed in action on 18 November 1914. Maj. Benzien was also wounded soon thereafter and died of his wounds on 29 November 1914.

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My sources:

• Preußische Verlustliste Nr. 120, 8.1.15

• Königlich Sächsiches Offizierkorps, by Erhard Roth

• Ranglisten der Königlich sächsischen Armee

• Kriegsrangliste des Armee-Oberkommandos 6

• Ehren-Rangliste des ehemaligen deutschen Heeres 1914-1918

Christophe gave you his awards. Here is what I have for his Dienstlaufbahn:

Heinrich Albert Willibald Benzien
*12.10.1872 in Leipzig, †29.11.1914 in Reserve-Lazarett Roulers
12.10.92 eingetreten
24.01.94 Lt., Inf.-Rgt. Nr. 103
09.07.00 Ostasiat.-Exped.-Korps, 2.Ostasiat.-Inf.-Rgt.
27.07.00 OLt.
06.10.01 i.d. Inf.-Rgt. Nr. 134 versetzt
21.05.07 Hptm., k.z. Gr.Gen.St. in Berlin
20.03.08 Adj. 1. sächs. Inf.-Brig.
01.04.10 kdrt. z. Gr.Gen.St. in Berlin
20.03.12 z. Inf.-Rgt. Nr. 134 zurück
25.09.13 z. sächs. Gen.St. versetzt
01.10.13 Maj.
17.08.14 Bahnbeauftragter d. Chefs des Feldeisenbahnwesens zuget. dem AOK 6
09.10.14 dem kgl. sächs. XIX.AK zur Verfügung gestellt
12.10.14 an kgl. sächs. XIX.AK ausgezogen
xx.xx.14 dem Res.-Jäg.-Btl. Nr. 24 zuget.
18.11.14 Fhr. Res.-Jäg.-Btl. Nr. 24
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After another research, I have found that Benzien received the Baden knight cross 1st class with X of Zähringen Order on 26 November 1914. Only three days before his death. So this medal should appears on his mortuary coffin but never mouted on his medal bar.


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