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    Dear forumites,


    My brother has acquired a ribbon bar...  (see below picture). Any comments or help in order to identify this bar? 

    • EK 2 Kl. 1914
    • HHOX
    • RAO4
    • Pr DA25 f. Offz
    • Centenarmedaille
    • Hessen, Tapferkeitsmedaille (?)
    • Hamburg, Hansakreuz
    • Bremen, Hansakreuz
    • KuK Österreich-Ungarn, Militärverdienstkreuz 3. Kl. mit Kriegsdekoration

    Thank you all in advance!







    The reverse of the ribbon bar... I guess no clue here if it's Kriegsmarine or not... or maybe it's a confirmation that this officer must have been army...

    9er Feldspange rs001.jpg

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    Hi Paul,


    I just edited my thread with a picture of the backing... For me it was Army... first I thought Navy... but I'm more inclined on Army now. Too bad that the Bremen-rolls are not available... According to Nimmergut, the company A. J. Richter Hamburg manufactured 306 crosses and the company Koch & Bergfeld Bremen about 20'500. Always accordingly Nimmergut about 20'018 crosses were awarded.




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