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    Hey guys...  Thanks Chris....  I think the painting is from t850 -19 something.  I don't think it's period...   I wish...  it shows Pen & ink... Perfect...  & thanks Chris & Paul...  It looks like caffarilli...



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    Never seen this before but it looks to me like a tri-colour turban around the bicorne. You can see from the painting that one side of his bicorne is turned down. Perhaps staff at Les Invalides could assist? The chapeau looks more like an Austrian jaeger or landwehr hat than a bicorne. 


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    Been talking with a very knowledgeable German fella on a modeling forum and his response - before seeing photo's - is below.

    I hope after he sees the photo's he might have more to say.....

    It sounds like a revolutionary time one, around 1794 stovepipes and other hats with a tricolor slung around or a band had been common. Worn with standard blue French uniform

    The Paris National guard was the most prominent unit wearing that style. On champ der mar even ladies wore such dress, training with pikes. A famous contemporary print show that.
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    And his response after seeing the photo's






    Yes, he is an officer of the revolutionary forces of the 90's . It seems to be a heap of feathers on his hat, that was common in that time. He may be from land or sea service, if he has anchors on the collar dog or buttons it would be clear. The sword is typical for the 1790's. Straight one for an infantry or naval officer, not heavy enough for Dragoons or heavy cavalry and not curved for light.
    So a naval captain or an infantry staff officer. He lacks the laurel worn by generals and higher staff so no high brass.
    He has no tricolour rosette at the head. I'm not sure about the one he wears, the device in centre looks like a silver star? May be an Italian serving as ally?
    Hope that helps a little bit

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    Thanks Colin & Larry.  I've been searching bicorne hats most of the day with no luck.  The closest was a consular hat with a similar design.  Thanks again for the info.  I'll keep searching and will post back if I find anything.

    thanks barry

    Top Hat


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