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    I've sent some time searching for history of the Seebataillon battle record in WW1 as well at the Marinekorps Flandern operations overall. Other than a bit on Sea Planes and boats I can't find much at all.

    My main interest is the Seebataillon organization and battle records. If anyone can recommend books in English than would be grand. As of now the only book I can find for sale in stock is Wielding the Dagger:The MarineKorps Flandern and zone German War Effort 1914-1918.

    I read a sample on kindle and it starts with Von Tirpitz and his desire for a costal land force then moves on to Von Schröder and the reasons for his appoint. The sample ends there and the table of contents gives no hint to whether or not it details the battles of the Seebataillon.

    251 Divisions suggest the 3 Naval Divisions were 4th rate units. I'm not sure how accurate that is because they have faulty ratings of other units in my opinion.


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    Yes, me...;)


    Here is the cheapest offer, but I don´t know the shipping prices to the US. It´s listet only up to 2kg.

    The book weights 3kg. You should ask the seller.


    The book is called "Ruhmeshalle unserer alten Armee" OR "1000 Bilder aus 25 Jahren Deutscher Geschichte"

    The books are divided in 4 parts. For the lists, I showed you, you need the "Abteilung I and II"

    Abteilung III is a description of several battles and Abteilung IV is the photo volume.

    Sometimes you get all parts in ONE book, sometimes you have to "collect"... That happened, because there were different publishers for the book.

    Important are only Abt. I and II!

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    9 hours ago, ccj said:

    Does anyone have the above listed book?

    If you mean the Karau one, I understand it is light on the actual fighting side of things and heavy on the political side?

    I recently ordered the Johann Ryheul one, it is in German, I am curious to see what the contents are.

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