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    I have this 4-place medal bar featuring an Anhalt FA cross 2nd class. Could a person with such a medal bar have earned the 1st class Anhalt FA cross as well? I'm considering buying a 1st class FA cross, but only if it will go with this medal bar



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    Guest Rick Research

    Hmmm. I used to have a 1914 EK1 for every single officer's medal bar I had, because they looked nice--and all had one originally. Then I decided that was crazy, since I was turning into an EK1 collector instead of a medal bar collector...

    sold I sold off a spare EK1, and another, then another, then some more...

    until suddenly I realized that with several dozen medal bars, I was down to something like SIX 1914 EK1s.


    So much for installing a giant glass case on the living room wall with "typical groups" for display.

    NOW my poor de-EK'd medal bars must take TURNS coming out for display.

    They look "naked" without their accompanying EK1s. :rolleyes:

    And, of course, 1st Classes look very nice, appropriately so (when there WAS a first class!) in such displays, which is also a way to get those old tucked away Wound Badges out of mothballs, too.

    Real group (documented) =



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    Guest Rick Research

    So lonely...


    Display group =


    Works for me without a prescription. :rolleyes:

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    I believe that is a War Honor Cross for Heroic Deeds (Kriegsehrenkreuz f?r heldenm?tige Tat) from Lippe-Detmold.

    And the medal bar has a Lippe War Merit Cross, not an Anhalt Friedrich Cross. Note the picture has turned the yellow center stripe almost as dark as the red side stripe, but the white edge stripes remain light.

    Also, on both, the wreath goes all the way around the center, as on the Lippe award. The wreath on the Friedrich Cross only covers the left and right sides.

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