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    Got this nice photo - i bought it because of the 1870s veteran - he wears the cross with 25 oaks on it. I like reactivated veterans.

    unfortunately you cannot see the rest of his decorations.

    They have red cross armbands with a eagle stamp (stempel) on it.

    Is that the Vaterländerischer Hilfsdienst? The photo was shot in Berlin (R Sennecke Internationaler Illustrations- Verlag)

    The medic on the left wears a 2 place medal bar with clasp on it. But which decoration could it be?

    Sorry i couldn`t scan it better.





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    Once isaw the photo ,it was into the THE Times History of War .the caption says : Dr Israel the famous surgeon in a red cross train . Certainly Dr Josef Israel a famed surgeon of Berlin served during th war with circa 70 years of age his specialisation was the kidney surgery . 

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    No kidding! Note Dr. Israel's rare Jubilee oaks atop a NONCOMBATANT EK2/1870-how cool is that?

    The DRK chap who looks like Oliver Hardy is wearing a DRK medal 3rd class with a colonial clasp, is he not? These were awarded. 

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