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    Extremely rare little fellows from Lippe-Detmold

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    Hello gents,

    thanks to a hint from a collector-friend (thank you again), I was able to add this nice miniature-chain to my collection.
    You see

    - Prussia Iron cross 2nd class 1914
    Prussia Red Eagle order 4th class
    Prussia cross for war aid
    - Lippe-Detmold house order 3rd class (372 awards)
    Lippe-Detmold Leopold-order 2nd model 3rd class without crown (only around 25 awards!!!)

    This combination is pretty unique and according to the rolls, there is only one possible candidate
    (already marked in the rolls with red eagle order, war-aid cross, house-order and Leopold-order):

    Conrad Trauthan, Koeniglich Preussischer Gewerbeinspektor in Bielefeld, born in Culm, 22nd November 1865

    He got the Leopold-order as No. 24 of the rolls on 1st July 1907 and the house-order 3rd class as No. 409 on 7th September 1912 (without getting the 4th class before).

    It would be interesting to know, if the referring medalbar still exists, as Trauthan was already marked in the rolls with the Prussian awards.

    I hope you like these little fellows like I do.

    Best regards




    image1 (2).jpg


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    Hello David,

    here you are...a close up on the Detmold-awards and on the red eagle order.

    All miniatures are around 16 mm...very small, but extremely nice detailed.

    The needle at the chain is marked with SILBER and I´m not 100 % sure, but for the house order seems to be a golden piece.

    But unfortunately I have to correct myself: The Leopold-order 3rd class in this version was acc. to Schwark only 16 times awarded!!! :o







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