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    Can't figure it out ??? Can't imagine 2 crosses worn ? And Bavarian LS ? What else could 1st two be ???

    hanger for 1st medal higher than second so guess 2nd is brunswick cross ? What order has same ribbon ???


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    7 hours ago, Paul R said:

    It would be like seeing a NC and Combat EK2 on a bar together. 

    Would not it be possible for a person to change position during the conflict, so that first non-combat distinction is earned, and then later combat one?

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    A few years ago all the medals were hanging on that bar.

    So it seems that Weitze decided to sell them separate.

    1. - Braunschweig KVK Nichtkämpferband

    2. - Braunschweig Militärdienstauszeichnung (if my mind don`t error me)

    3.  - Bayern Zivilverdienstmedaille

    I think he was an higher official of the Herzogtum Braunschweig. May be someone of the Ratsklasse.



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