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    oh no really? :( It was in an actions lot there was a note it which said Asia Medal Commander 3rd Unit V Japanese WW2 Honourable and I could make out the last word... but when been looking it up I couldn't see anything about this on line.  hence why posted on here as unknown Japanese and WW2 as thats as about as much info I have. :( 


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    Their translation of it is way off from what I can read. Its anti/fight Japanese badge. I know the first couple words on the 2nd line says 3rd war zone/area. Not sure where they got a "5" from. Soldier has his rifle pointed at the "rising sun." Like the others said, fakes or fantasies of badges to sell to tourists.

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    hmmmm this is all very interesting I guess my question is if its a fake what is it a fake of? i'm rather intrigued by it all.  I sent some images to an auction house to their military expert. He said he was stumped not seen one before either.  he did say lots of awards were mass produced at the time he thought it looked right so didn't think it was a fake, but had no idea of what it was off.  So it would be rather interesting to find out more.

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    I think a database would be really helpful.  Although this forum site has to be the most helpful one I have found thus far.  I'm pleased I didn't spend loads as it was part of other items which I know I little bit more about.  you always hope for that rare find in the bottom of the box which means you can give up the day job... Still I have found it really interesting to find out about it and thank you for all your help.

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    I don´t know if it is genuin or not, but I had the chance to have the writing translated by a chinese friend.

    It says: Medal (or decoration) for the fight against japanese imperialism by the commander of the 3rd warzone Gu Zhutong [name of the commander].



    für den Kampf gegen den japanischen Imperialismus. Die untere Schriften bedeutet: von dem Befehlshaber der dritten Kriegszonen Gu, Zhutong (das ist die Name von dem Befehlshaber).

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