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    Please help to ID decorations on ribbon bars of Stahlhelmbund members

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    Dear gentlemen, could you please help me to identify decorations on ribbon bars worn by these Stahlhelmbund members?

    Portrait No.1 - Sta-Bataillonsführer. 


    Two first decorations are obvious: EKII ausg.1914 and Militärverdienstorden (Württemberg).

    But what about the last one? :(


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    Well, here's a portrait of another Stahlhelm member. No date, no name, unfortunately. Only place where photo was taken is known, it's Magdeburg. 


    Could you please jelp with identifying two last ribbons attached after EKII and Friedrich-August Kreuz 2.Klasse? 


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    Thanks for your reply, Dave! Anyway the last ribbon is plain blue/light blue so we have there long service award.

    Any ideas regarding the last ribbon worn by the Sta-Bataillonsführer from the very first post in this thread? 


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    25 minutes ago, Dave Danner said:

    Nothin comes to mind. Maybe one of those unofficial Weimar-era WW1 commemorative medals?


    21 minutes ago, Freiwillige said:

    Maybe... Unfortunatley I found no matching post-war commemorative / veteran association medal

    Hmmm, a conundrum indeed. 

    I return to my earlier, knee-jerk identification, but will add an additional thought.  In the initial portrait photo the 3rd position ribbon looks remarkably like the Hindenburg cross.  However it is the close-up photo that there appears to be several vertical lines of different colors.  I count as many as 10 or 11.  Could the "lines" we are seeing in the close up photo be caused from the Moire Effect?  Maybe the process of zooming in on the ribbon bar caused a moire.  

    Freiwillge, could look at the ribbon bar under a hand held magnifying glass?  No guarantee that the "effect" isn't set in the celluloid, but maybe something can be learned under optical zoom instead of digital zoom.  

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    Re: the Sta. Btlnfhr. I think has the German War Veterans Assiciation badge/medal that Kleitman write about and is/was so often seen in 1933-35. I am on my phone so can not access my photo files-but it has Germania putting a wreath on top of a soldier Victoria-ish. It's sort of teardrop shaped.  That's when that photo dates to 1933-35-as the NSDAP insignia has been pinned on as a member of the SA Reserve. After the Roehm  Putsch and the subsequent mopping up, the Stahlhelm insignia quickly disappeared and were soon replaced by SA/ NSDAP /NSKOV insignia. Several score of Stahlhelm senior officers were either shot or imprisoned after Roehm. 

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