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    You must be joking? You got both Fredinand Schörners Militärpass and his ring?


    Is his Pour le Merite entered in it?

    I'd love to see more, either in private or in public! Amazing! Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Congratulations Chris, this is by far the best Militärpass I have ever seen! :love:


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    The page with the awards is a seperate sheet he filled out and signed in 1920, the Militärpass goes up to the end of 1915, but has the EK1, EK2, Bavarian MVO4th class with swords and the Austrian Militär Verdienstkreuz in it, unfortunately the PLM was not entered but officially the Militärpass was no longer filled out after he was promoted to LT d, Res.mp3.thumb.jpg.2888a4f49f8ac4dd1b039b0d7a67962a.jpg


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    Hi, there was an Abschrift from the III Batl. Leib regt Tagesbefehl dated 9th of december announcing it.

    In his records on Ancestry he has the 17th as the award date.

    I assume it was approved the 5th, announced the 9th and the ceremony on the 17th?

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    Here is a little bit about his unit.

    Since june 1919 the LIR became

    1.bayer. RW-Schützen-Regiment 41 München (I. and III.Btl. München, II.Btl. Rosenheim)

    In october 1919 it became:

    RW-Schützen-Regiment 41 München (I.Btl. München, II.Btl. Passau, III.(Jäger) Btl.Landshut

    Later: 19.(bayer.) Inf.Rgt. München (I.Btl. München, II.Btl. Augsburg, III.Btl. Kempten and Lindau, Ers.Btl. Landshut

    Note that he wrote: Bayer. Jäger-Bataillon 41

    What he means is: III.(Jäger) Btl./Reichswehr-Schützen-Regiment 41

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