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    Badischer Military Karl Friedrich Merit Order

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    I am currently expanding my collecting interests and have started to accumulate and attempt to identify a number of Imperial photographs I have.

    I believe that this Officer is wearing a grade of the Military Karl Friedrich Merit Order at his collar and another Baden Order to his chest. Would anyone know if this chest Order is a higher grade in the MKFVO series or a different Order completely please?

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    I thought it might be a good idea to push this lovely, interesting thread up again - the first one I posted in, after I became a member of this amazing community more than thirteen years ago, by the way!



    On 11/06/2007 at 00:15, Dave Danner said:

    The first unidentified medal is the Austrian large gold Zivil-Verdienstmedaille. Page 9 below says he received it in 1848 from Graf Radetzky himself.

    Despite his son claimed it was the big one and, to be fair, it is big, Bernhard Beck received "only" the medium medal. I was able to obtain it some years ago, among some of his other awards, but as I cannot keep everything I like, I consigned it to Bene Merenti auction, where it will be sold Friday next week. Just to let you know, in case someone is interested and can, other than I, afford it...

    04295 c2.jpeg

    04295 d2.jpeg

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