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this nice little group I got recently from his granddaughter...

Werner Eichhorst got on 23rd June 1917 his Golden Merit Medal Leopold-order Lippe-Detmold,
as No. 41 of the list (out of only 84 awards in total).

He was working as a decorator and acc. to the information, I got from his granddaughter, he was producing cussions etc.
Following this information it is quite likely, that he supplied a new bed for the ruling Prince Leopold IV. zu Lippe-Detmold.
Surprisingly he skipped the Bronze and Silver medal and directly got the Golden one.

The Golden merit medal was his only award, during his military service 1883-1886 he received nothing.

The group consists of the medal, a passport, his Militärpass and the Auszug aus der Kriegsstammrolle.

Unfortunately the award document or case for the medal didn´t survive...

I hope you like it....


Lippe-goldene VM-Leopoldorden-Eichhorst-VS web.jpg

Lippe-goldene VM-Leopoldorden-Eichhorst-RS web.jpg

Passierschein-Eichhorst web.jpg


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Just recognized, that I forgot to provide the evidence :-)

Here is Eichhorst´s role-entry....


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Now that's a nice llttle set!

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