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    OK, here's another one, probably not too difficult:

    What are medals 1, 5, 6 and 8?

    1. Bavarian MMO 3?

    2. HHO 3 w/s

    3. Red Eagle 3rd with bow

    4. Crown order 3rd

    5. Prussian long service?

    6. China medal?

    7. Centenary Medal

    8.Anhalt Albrecht the Bear 1st?

    9. Austrian Crown Order


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    As pointed out by Pierce with the rank list entry, the Royal House Order of Hohenzollern is a knight's cross without swords, thus on the statutory ribbon. The Royal Crown order 3rd class has swords on ring, as Scheer held a 4th class with swords. The rank list shows the latter was later upgraded to a 2nd class with the star, both again with swords on ring. He would then drop the 3rd class with swords on ring, but not (never!) the 4th class with swords.

    Although not part of the medal bar, I want to address the rarest award he's wearing in this photograph: The officer's cross of the Bavarian MVO/MMO, first type without flames. Instituted in 1900 there were, according to the numbers published by Bernd Döbel on German SDA forum in 2014, only 103 officer's crosses awarded until 1905, when they were re-designed. Plus, a total of 72 of those was returned, after their recipients were promoted to higher classes or died. One of the rarest Bavarian decorations - well, besides the same cross with swords: five awarded, of which two were returned!


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    Wish someone would make a good copy of that  Military Merit Order officer's cross without the swords and flames. Not much chance of that and it's too difficult to carve the copy up to that configuration unless you have a machine shop.

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    5 hours ago, filfoster said:

    PF:  Do you have the Rangliste preceding 31:05:1915 that would show what he was entitled to wear by the date of the Jutland/Skaggerak battle?

    Here is his 1914 RL entry.

    Scheer 1914 RL.jpg

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    The August 1916 rank list adds the plM (5.6.16), Star and Swords to the RAO2EKr (8.5.16), EK1&2, BMJ1 (6.6.16), SH3 (2.6.16), EH1X (HSH1X) (13.6.16) and WMV1 (7.6.16) to his prewar decorations. The other Prussian decorations in the 1918 rank list entry, as well as the Hanseatic Crosses and Mecklenburg and Oldenburg awards appear to have been awarded later, or were not updated in the rank list.

    So, by 31.5.1915, he might only have added the Iron Cross to his prewar decorations, and maybe Oldenburg (his OV1X was dated 3.6.16, but I don't know when his Friedrich August Crosses were awarded).

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    On 24/10/2019 at 16:02, filfoster said:

    OK: Here's my stab at a replica:

    Just one small mistake: His 3rd class Austrian Order of he Iron Crown (ÖEK3) is a peace time award, thus should be without the laurel wreaths ("Kriegsdekoration", war decoration). Otherwise, despite I'm truly no fan of reproductions, very well made!

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