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Mannerheimcross 1st class sold in Finland!


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A while ago a Finnish Mannerheim cross 1st class was sold on a auction. 

The order was manufactured in 8 pieces, 3 numbered and 5 unnumbered. Only two was ever awarded, one to Mannerheim himself (no 1) and the other to general Erik Heinrichs (no 2). 
This cross was one of the unnumbered and unissued pieces. 

The sale price was 33 000 € + commission. 

And no, I am not the lucky buyer. :)

The Mannerheim-crosses are subject to export restrictions and may not leave Finland. And I don´t have that kind of money to spend either. 


This is probably one of the extremely few times such a rarity is sold at the open market! Once in a lifetime perhaps?

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I don´t know what the rules are for posting pictures from auctionhouses, but if anyone has any concerns let me know and I´ll delete them. 

Pictures from Suomen Numismaattisen Yhdistyksen Huutokauppa no 44. 



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10 minutes ago, Great Dane said:

An interesting variation in the suspension...

Was there more than one manufacturer?

Or maybe the Thies one just looks 'squeezed' due to hallmarks?




Interesting point! 


The Thies piece is hallmarked to Tillander which was the official producer. 

Perhaps the one sold in 2020 was a wearers copy and the official ones are made from hallmarked silver?

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