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General der Infanterie Erich Abraham - Tan Uniform?

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Dear forumites,

Here I'm posting a nice picture of a German General Abraham (very teutonic kind of family name) RKT with Oakleaves wearing also a beautiful General field visor cap "old style".

What kind of uniform is wearing or what colour do you thing it is? Is it a tropical (tan) tunic with closed collar? That's quite unusual.

Note also the Foreign ribbons on the bar after the DA eagles (Long Services). Could you guess which one these are? I can see one blue ribbon with a star shaped metal device (very likely for an Italian Silver bravery medal), a crossed swords ribbon (very likely Rumanian) and the last one the Rumanian commemorative medal for the Eastern front (Crusade against Bolshevism). I don't know which one could be, the fourth from the right.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.




General der Infanterie Erich Abraham.jpg

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The 4th ribbon from the right is the Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen.

Award list from AHF:

General der Infanterie Erich ABRAHAM
- Ritterkreuz (1311): am 13.11.1942 als Oberst und Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 230
- Eichenlaub (516): am 26.06.1944 als Generalleutnant und Kommandeur 76. Infanterie-Division
- Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (86/3): am 07.03.1942 als Oberst und Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 230
- 1914 EK I: 27.06.1917
- 1914 EK II: 02.09.1915
- k.u.k. Österr. Militär-Verdienstkreuz III. Klasse mit der Kriegsdekoration: 20.03.1917
- Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer
- Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung IV. bis II. Klasse: 02.10.1936
- Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung I. Klasse
- Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen
- Spange zum EK I: 21.06.1940
- Spange zum EK II: 10.03.1940
- Kommandeurkreuz des Kgl. Rumän. Ordens der Krone mit Schwertern: 22.06.1942
- Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in Silber: 13.11.1942
- Medaille “Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/1942”
- Kgl. Italien. Silberne Tapferkeitsmedaille

Best regards,



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More than a Tan coloured tunic ,I think in a Field grey one made of cotton cloth . this type was called Feldbluse M36 Drillich. it was lighter in colour and have the stand and fall collar of the wool tunic

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From the first photo I would be hesitant to make a determination on the color of the jacket. It looks like he is facing some bright light, window or lamp, and it most likely washes out any darker areas. If the jacket doesn't have any specific indication of what type it is I would not make a judgment on it.  

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