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    SWV Marine Abzeichen

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    Dear fellow collectors,

    I recently received this badge with a small Oldenburg grouping I bought. It was described as an 'Imperial German SWV merchant navy badge'. I wonder if it is indeed imperial, given the lack of a crown on the badge. Would anyone have any information about this badge or the organisation it belonged to? The badge is in good condition, and has some lovely enamelwork. All help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards and thanks in advance, Laurentius





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    Hello ,the badge shows what appears to be the Key simbolic of the Hanseatic City of Bremen Bremerschlussel if so it must be upwards . the triangular flag is in the White and Red of the Hanseatic Cities . I dont know what means the  S W V on the lower part . Certainly is not a Imperial badge , The three Cities were three free Cities federated into the Empire but with a President of the Senate or a Mayor at the Head of the State and not a Prince or Duke 

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    Dear Gordon,

    I don't think so, it has a classic pin and catch system which we often see with decorations

    7 hours ago, GreyC said:

    it´s the badge of Bremens oldest sailing club.

    That's a bingo, thanks for your help

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