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    Hello,  can someone please help me identify the awards on the left officer? The first one seems to be Königlich Preußischer Roter Adler-Orden 4. Klasse. I am trying to identify the awards to find out who he was. The time was 1905 and the place China but not Kiautschau, so could he be Korvettenkapitän Felix Funke, later Vizeadmiral, as he departed from there on 11 November 1905. Thanks.

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    My guess would be: RAO4, PDA, China Denkmünze, Centenary medal, Order of the Wendish Crown, Russian Order of St. Anna. 

    The Order of the Wendish Crown is known to be a bit on the bigger side, so it might be easy to overlook the bar has an Order coming in behind it

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    Greetings, Raymond Mann! Felix Funke served in Tsingtau as Chef des Stabes der Militärverwaltung des Gouvernements Kiautschou under Oskar von Truppel from 1902 (he already had 8 decorations up to this time) until summer 1906. Here you have him as Fregattenkapitän in spring 1906 ... I doubt he got so many extra decorations between 1905 (your picture) and 1906 (my picture).

    Fregattenkapitän Felix Funke im Jahre 1906 in Tsingtau als Chef des Stabes des Gouvernements Kiautschou (1903-1906).JPG

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    Nice picture (1 January 1904, Tsingtau); from left (first row): Hauptmann Ludwig Gandenberger von Moisy, Governor Kapitän zur See Oskar von Truppel, Adalbert Prinz von Preußen (1884–1948), Chef des Stabes Korvettenkapitän Felix Funke, Kapitän zur See Malte Freiherr von Schimmelmann, Kommandant SMS „Hertha“ und militärischer Begleiter des Prinzen.


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