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    East German medal / star - need help

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    Hi Tupper,

    it is the last version 1984 - 1989 of the "Vaterländischer Verdienstorden" (VVO).

    One bar is for the wear with the decoration, the other is for the wear without the decoration.

    It was possible and often done, that the decorations have been awarded more than once, e.g. for internationally successful athletes.


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    I wouldn't try to clean the interior.  Better to leave it as it is.  No way of know what the results will be if you try and clean it.  Uwe said it was the last type.  That is shown by the simplified type of pin used to attach the award to the tunic.  Earlier awards had a more complicated type of latch for the pin.




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    as a matter of interest,

    I would like to post the images of the "Vaterländische Verdienstorden" in Silver and Bronze, with their award documents, from the group of orders and decorations of Colonel Eugen Classe, a former high ranking officer of the Ministry for State Security (MfS).

    The Bronze badge, shows the typical difference to the suspension bar's loop, from the later model.

    All the best,

    Enzo (E.L.)

    Classe VVOs.jpg

    Classe VVO Urk Silber.jpg

    Classe VVO Urk Bronze.jpg

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    a nice example for the complete different handling of decorations in the Stasi.

    An Army Major would be happy to get a NVA merit medal in Gold or a Kampforden in Bronce; a Stasi Major could get already a VVO :-)

    ..and not to forget the nice extra money which came with it.




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