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    I’ve never really understood the awarding of these crosses. It seems like it was a general merit medal that could be given to just about anyone. I only have silver in my collection and thay are to old timer Prussians.

    This is a very nice bar. I do not even see many 20 landwehr crosses pop up for sale.

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    nobody understands this decoration :-)


    It was intended to reward old middle class officials which were already awarded with the Cross of the Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen to give them the opportunity to get one gong more after 40+ years of service and it was intended to reward "upper-middle-class" officials after around 25-30 years of service which would normally already be eligible for a Crown Order 4th class. So it should relieve a bit the Crown Order so that the CO4 could be given to that guys as retirement award later.


    The bar indeed is quite interesting, not to say weird;

    We have here a Bavarian Officer level Reserve or Landwehr guy, whoc had a connection to Schaumburg AND was in a Civil officials profession as mentioned "Upper Middle Class", so whatever kind of Assistent or office chief.




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    I don’t know if the medal in the middle of the bar is a medal or an order? I once saw it at an auction in China, but although I know it is relatively rare, the bar looks very shabby. . So I did not buy it. PS, Schaumburg-Lieber Wedding Medals are really interesting! I only have a single medal. Great bar!:thumbup:

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