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    Swedish Order of the Crown

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    The marks on the order. Makers mark CFC= Carl Fredirik Carlman. yearstamp K9 = 1960. The 3 crowns means its from Sweden. The mark between CFC and the crowns are the towns mark. Its made in Stockholm.

    CFC was the sole maker of Swedish royal orders between 1875-1998. 



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    1 hour ago, Stuka f said:

    A very nice medal.

    Here is mine, part of a German medal bar.


    Could we see the entire bar?


    Unusual to see the sign of the sword (Svärdstecknet) on a foreign medal bar.

    Do you know who the medal bar belonged to? 

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    no I can't tell you who it originaly belonged to.

    I was looking for a 1870 EK and this was the best buy at the time (here on the forum!).

    I will ad a pic later on today.

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    Great looking bar!

    But it would look even better if it were in my collection... ;)


    At the moment, the award roll for the sign of the sword is not available to the public. But I hope that will change in the future. 


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    The sign of the sword exists in two different versions. With swords and without swords. 


    The one with swords were instituted in 1850 and awarded to NCO:s. Awarding ended in 1974. 

    The one without swords were instituted in 1896 and was awarded to civilian personnel. Awarding ended in 1974. 


    Here are examples from my collection. Sometimes they are maker marked just below the crown on the back. 





    7 minutes ago, Stuka f said:


    And hang in, I will have to part of it....one day....?

    If and when you decide to sell it. Please think of me. :)




    Here are the two classes of the Knight of the order of the Swords. 


    1st class in 18k gold and the rarer 2nd class in silver. 


    The 2nd class was instituted in 1889 and only awarded to foreigners. A total of 687 awards were made. 





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    Hi JohanH,


    Nice Orders

    Just to share very interesting fact from my visit to Stockholm I went to the old town in a hunt for Swedish Orders

    For my surprise some of the dealers did not know that the Order of the Sword did exist without Swords The found my information unusual ..NO SWORDS??!!


    Hi John,


    I hope you did buy this nice order


    Hi Stukaf It is very desirable medal bar The Order of the Sword is a nice old model



    Orderd of The Sword Civilian Badge - no swords Rare.jpg

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