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    Weird bar, please help

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    Collectors, I found that this group of Austrian medal bars that were auctioned on Emedal is now in China. But I think it looks weird, because there are many unreasonable places. So I want to ask you, have you seen this weird combination? Or is this a fake?
    Question 1: The combination did not see the combined Austrian medal nor the Sudeten medal. .
    2: Shouldn't 25 years of service be side by side with 12 years of service? How come alone
    3: Why does the hook look different when it goes through?
    Here I ask collectors to help me, thank you!





    The Austrian WW1 memorial looks like it was added later



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    On 05/05/2021 at 07:29, chechaco1 said:

    But the hardware is original.

    Absolutely agree! All these items are quite easy to get collected. I think the ribbon mounting of the left part (the Austro-Hungarian items - post-Anschluss remount) can be original, albeit enhanced/spoiled by adding the three final items. Just look at the diffent ribbon mounting.


    On 03/05/2021 at 09:07, 1812 Overture said:

    Shouldn't 25 years of service be side by side with 12 years of service?

    Yes, it should. And the Austrian Kriegserinnerungsmedaille should go right after the Hindenburg Cross.


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