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    Unteroffizier Heinrich Schweizer was awarded the EK1 on 26 April 1944 while serving with 2. Kompanie, Panzer-J?ger-Abteilung 302. From the unit designation, it would seem that he was on attachment to or from 2. Kompanie, Fallschirmj?ger-Regiment 11.

    At the time of the award, the unit was part of 4. Fallschirmj?ger-Division fighting on the Anzio front after the Allied landings. It would be interesting to find out the details of the award, particularly in view of the fact that the Americans and British had a lot of armour in that theatre.

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    Hello Gentlemen,

    Who is the General der Infanterie that?s signed the document ???

    Thx a lot,



    I believe the signature to belong to Gen.d.Inf. Sigismund von Foerster, Commanding General of LXXII. Armee Korps from Feb.1944 to Sep.1944. DoB 23.Jun.1887, DoD 12.Jan.1959. Ritterkreuz des kgl. Hausordens v.Hohenzollern mit Schw.;D.K.i.G.22.Jul.1943.

    bernhard H. Holst

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    A nice, late war EK1 doc from the waters off northern Norway. I quote from Simon Orchard who generously provided this info a while back...

    "Admiral Nordmann?s patch ran from Narvik right up to Petsamo. Troms? was where the admiral had his headquarters and Finnfjorbotn is where that HQ moved to as part of the general withdrawal from Finland and Finnmark\North Troms? and the establishment of the Lyngen line (which Tirpitz was supposed to defend as a floating battery but was sunk in early November). The EKI is without doubt connected to the withdrawal from Petsamo, Kirkenes and East Finnmark. For the Kreigsmarine this was a time of trying to save as much men and material as possible whilst under more or less constant attack from the Russians."

    This doc is part of a small group - I have his EK2 doc from September 1943 (in Troms?) as well as EK2 with packet and his cased EK1

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