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    Angola medals


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    Hi to all.Have anybody Angola medals foto?Thanks.Ilja


    This is the only Medal from Angola that I've seen on pics. Btw sorry for the poor pics, not mine and this is all I have :blush::(


    PS: Just adding that I'm not even sure if the ribbon is the right one for this Medal, as in fact I don't even know the real name for this Medal!

    Also, checking the ribbons listed on this site (link below) I can't find this one displayed on this Medal!

    But on this site they have pictures of another couple of Angolan Medals.


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    Here are close up of the medal above and another one for your viewing.

    The first medal is made of brass, 40mm in diameter, 3.1mm thick at the rim, 5.5mm at the center of the 3D relief, 1mm border around the rim, connecting ring is part of the medal.



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    Another one of these... but with inscription on the reverse:

    2 AN



    Would like to get a ribbin to make the appropriate suspension for this award. The ribbon should be plain green and fit a typical soviet steel suspension. Any idea where these can be obtained?

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