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    South West African / Namibia Medals


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    Im going to post the pictures of South West African medals ive aquired over the years here.

    Im particularly interested in these as well as South African medals, because the two countries shared so much in common in the past.

    Soldiers of both countries served in both countries military, in fact i just found out the other day that the South African Pro Patria Medal is still worn by those who had earned it, although i dont think its still being issued.

    Things have gotten a bit confused in my files so some of these i dont remember if they were for SWA or Namibia as its now known.

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    These arent in any order.


    Campion Shot Medal


    Cross for Bravery Gold


    Cross for Bravery Silver


    Cross for Bravery Bronze


    Defence Force Order of Merit


    Honor Medal (Medal for Next of Kin)


    Namibian 10 year Service Medal

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    Namibian Campaign Medal with Service Bars


    Independance Medal


    Liberation Medal


    Namibian Commendation Medal


    Namibian Police Honour Medal

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    Pro Patria Medal (also a South African medal)


    Police Service Award Silver


    Police Service Award Bronze


    Namibian Police Reserve Long Service Medal


    South West Africa Lion Medal

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    SWA Police Star for Merit


    SWA Police Star for Faithful Service


    SWA Police Star for Faithful Service (dont know if these are just different classes)


    SWA Police Medal for Faithful Service


    SWA Police Star for Exemplary Service


    SAW Police Star for Distinguished Service


    SWA Police inception Medal


    SWA Police Star for Outstanding Service


    Most Brilliant Order of the Sun


    Most Distinguished Order of Namibia


    Order of the Most Ancient Welwitchia Mirablis

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    The one thing about the Namibian Government I liked was the fact that they didnt immediately ride out and change their awards.

    If you look at the Police Service Medals and Stars for example, it is the exact same medal! They only changed the ribbon.

    I personally think this was a very visible way for them to honor those men who had earned those medals

    and not take away their pride in wearing what was now "technically" a "bad" award.

    I tip my hat to those guys.

    If anybody could help me in finding these medals order of precedence, as well as any other medals it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, as far as i know some of these are still in use.

    My files have gotten mixed up and i cant separate the old South-West Africa medals from the new Namibian medals yet. I have noticed though that the Namibian government have only made cosmetic changes chiefly by changing the ribbons. So there are some medals that are still being used, just with different ribbons, and even those are minor changes sometimes just changing the colours and not the design of the ribbon.

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    POLICE ACT, 1990
    WHEREAS the President has under section 30 of the Police Act, 1990 (Act No. 19 of 1990), established and introduced decorations and medals, as well as bars, clasps and ribbons in respect of such decorations and medals, which may be awarded by the President, subject to the prescribed conditions, to persons who are or were members of the Namibian Police Force in respect of their services as such members or to persons who have rendered exceptional services to the Namibian Police Force, as follows in order of precedence:
    Namibian Police Cross of Honour (CH)
    Namibian Police Cross for Bravery (CB)
    Decoration for Outstanding Meritorious Service of the Highest Order (OMS)
    Decoration for Outstanding Meritorious Service and Utmost Devotion to Duty (DSD)
    Commendation Medal
    Campaign Medal
    Medal of Honour
    Wound Medal
    Namibian Police Service Medal - Gold
    Namibian Police Service Medal - Silver
    Namibian Police Service Medal - Bronze
    Reservist Medal
    Honourable Discharge Medal
    President’s Shottist Medal

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    • 11 months later...

    The above listed (from Stefan) "Defence Force Order of Merit", is in fact THE ORDER OF THE MUKOROB (for meritorious service in the defence forces),

    it is also called "The Military Order".

    It is awarded in 6 classes, Grand Commander with Post-Nominals of (G.C.M.), Grand Officer (G.O.M.), Commander (C.M.),

    Officer (O.M.), Knight (K.M.), and Member (without Post-Nominals).

    It ranks after The Most Excellent Order of the Eagle and before The Most Distinguished Order of Namibia.

    Source: "Government Gazette of the Republic of Namibia (No. 1048)" signed into law, by President Sam Nujoma, on 16th March, 1995

    and published 17th March, 1995.

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    President Jonathan wearing Grand Commander of the Order of the Most Ancient Welwitschia Mirabilis.

    I believe the lady in the blue dress is his wife.

    I can only find references to a Grand Commander of this order, so am not sure if it is a one-class order - as it seems to be for the President of Namibia and other heads of state it may well be. Yet references often refer to Grand Commander as the 'First Class' - why say that if there are no others?

    Edited by Megan
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    I have also found this badge:

    Now this says 'Order of the Sea Eagle' but looks very like the Order of the Eagle shown on the previous page. Perhaps it's the same order?

    No idea what class it's supposed to be, but it was made by Spink & is hallmarked 1995 - it's from the DNW website, dear souls have given me the run of their catalogues :)

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    I'd say, speaking from a position of near total ignorance, that the Order of the Eagle and the Order of the Sea eagle are very likley one and the same. This illustration is perhaps a lower grade than the one pictured on page 1, but two virtually identical/identical orders seems odd to me.

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