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  1. Love the thread idea. Excellent start. I hope to contribute stories when time allows...
  2. Excellent post Peter. Well researched and nicely written. Hosting a POW in your home must have been interesting... Cheers
  3. The plot thickens... And my 2 cents here: from what I understand starting in the spring of 1918 unit commanders were no longer required to forward a detailed recommendation for the MM, just the soldiers name they wished to reward, and in my experience I've had no luck finding written recommendations for MM's awarded after that time.
  4. SemperParatus

    Italian/French medal?

    The text translates to Machine Gun (Model 1907) Section. During the First World War the Italians used St Etienne machineguns acquired from the French in addition to the more widely used Fiat machineguns.
  5. SemperParatus

    All of My Heroes Are Dead

    Another great blog post from Brian and the sports bit had me dying.
  6. Amazing find. Unlike many recipients of the medal, the QOR along with the RHLI were actually in combat with the Fenians. The ribbon however is incorrect
  7. Hmmm there is also a listing for Capt F. W. Campbell who joined the 169th Battalion in 1916. His service file online is mixed with the Campbell VC file. https://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/military-heritage/first-world-war/personnel-records/Pages/item.aspx?IdNumber=84493 Here you can see his attestation paper. The medal card on page 40 lists him also as a Lieutenant, showing with dates of service (ie entering France) in 1917 and 1918 long after Campbell VC was killed.
  8. The only Lt F. W. Campbell on Library and Archives Canada's website (all Cef service files are digitized) is this one: https://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/military-heritage/first-world-war/personnel-records/Pages/item.aspx?IdNumber=84493 He was KIA in 1915 and is a VC winner. How do you do it??
  9. SemperParatus

    MM Gazette entry

    Found it Here There is no citation which is normal for MM's. Check the National Archives UK for the unit war diary which may have some clues.
  10. I tried to find a mention of him in Gen. Maynard's book "The Murmansk Venture", no luck unfortunately.
  11. Hey Gents, A few months back I acquired a 1911 Visit to Ireland Medal named to "1788 Cpl. C.M. Wood R.N.W.M.P. CANADA". From what I can tell it was first sold by DNW Auctions in 2001 and then from Tanya Ursual Antiques. I find it very unusual and perhaps unique that a 1911 Visit to Ireland Medal was named to a Royal North West Mounted Police corporal - The RNWMP is the precursor to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of today. The medals were issued unnamed and recipients typically had them named privately. The naming on this medal is consistent with others of the period. There are also contact marks suggesting it may have been mounted with other medals. Taken from the Royal Irish Constabulary forum: Based on Royal Mint records (MINT 20/468) the actual distribution of the medals was as follows: Royal Irish Constabulary - 1022 RIC Office Staff - 24 Dublin Metropolitan Police - 1314 DMP Office Staff - 4 St John Ambulance Brigade - 92 Kingstown Harbour Police - 11 Phoenix Park and St Stephens Green Police - 10 TOTAL - 2477 Unfortunately CM Wood does not show up in Library and Archives Canada’s NWMP Personnel Files 1873-1904 collection so I presume he would have joined after 1904. There is no record I could find in their spotty collection of 1904-1920 RNWMP records. A few CM Woods show up in the CEF Personnel Files but none with the occupation of policeman (this was a theory due to the contact marks indicating other medals). Does anyone know of a medal register of the RCMP LS&GC medal? I emailed the RCMP Historical Section four months ago and have yet to receive a reply. A few questions for the forum: Is anyone aware of the RNWMP sending any personnel to Ireland? Did the RNWMP provide Consulate/Embassy security? Did the RNWMP send members on exchange or training with Irish police forces such as the Royal Irish Constabulary? Are there any lists of the 1911 RNWMP Coronation delegations? Does CM Wood show up in any Irish censuses or RIC/DMP files? Is there anywhere else I can look for a service file for Cpl Wood?
  12. Can anyone with a copy of the North West Canada (1885) Medal Rolls check for a Frederick Walter TUCKER, Canadian Militia on the list? The search function on Library and Archives Canada doesnt come back with a match but I don't know how reliable it is.
  13. Defence Medal was for service at the time but not necessarily military service - service in certain civil defence / aid organizations also led to the award of the Defence Medal. The qualifying periods and organizations can be found on Wikipedia or elsewhere.
  14. Odin, thanks to your post above I was able to find some documents relating to my coronation pair recipient. Cheers!
  15. The first man's sleeve insignia appears to me to be Overseas Service Chevrons with a "Driver" Proficiency Badge above it, which would be consisted with his mounted uniform.
  16. A little more information on where these men lived around the time of their service would be helpful towards identifying the units based on some visual clues... At first glance the first man's 1903 Leather Bandolier indicates a cavalry, artillery or mounted infantry unit.
  17. Great story. Glad the medals are in good hands.
  18. SemperParatus

    MIC Analysis - Lt Rumble RGA

    Fantastic, thanks guys.
  19. Hey folks, Just would like to confirm some information. Connor Rumble, a policeman in Toronto, joined the Canadian Field Artillery in 1916 as an enlisted man. Rumble had previously served 12 years in the Royal Garrison Artillery prior to emigrating to Canada. While in England with the CFA in 1917, he was granted an "imperial commission" and transferred to the Royal Garrison Artillery. Am i correct to interpret this MIC as Rumble having served in England only (due to the award of the BWM but nothing else, and Theatre of War left blank)? Also what does "E.F.G. Ret'd 30.10.26" mean? Are any other markings on the card of any important significance? Cheers
  20. SemperParatus

    Help finding information of WWII Italian Officer

    I have found some other Edoardo Barberis' Birth Certificate: Edoardo Francesco Antonio BARBERIS, born 7 July 1889 in Savona, Italy. Military Casualties of WW1 Albo Oro: Edoardo BARBERIS, born 11 September 1896 at Cavaglia, Vercelli, Italy. Died of Wounds on 28 July 1916 Perhaps it is not as rare of a name as we first thought.
  21. Yes good point, I'd say you're correct here. I guess I've come used to seeing the 1939-45 Star and Defence Medal through a Canadian lens (the DM having a shorter qualifying period I believe) . For example many of the POWs captured at Dieppe qualified for the Defence Medal and the 1939-45 Star. I believe the same is true for other raids/operations earlier in the war.
  22. Or in captivity...
  23. An interesting WW1 naval group. Don't see too many where I am. The WW2 group also nice points to service in the early ground campaigns (absence of other campaign stars) to a regular army soldier.