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  1. Hallo Nick! I hope you are still well. I wish you a happy new year!

  2. I concur. All medals are original.
  3. It is not a soviet medal bar, in my opinion.They would repeat the typical pentagonal shape of the suspension for each medal.
  4. maybe here? Amazon seems having it in their catalog, but out of stock
  5. Super! Thank you for sharing, JapanX!
  6. Thanks Sergio, your words are encouraging, but I still have some doubts on that partisan medal. I see some difference in the lettering of the obverse which make me nervous. Your badge is very nice, and looks convincing. I am not an expert on these, I have no idea whether it would be worth being faked. However, I like its patina.
  7. After more than two months, I have to assume this is a really difficult one, isn't it? :-)
  8. The name Абууллажон (Abuullajon) sounds from Uzbekistan, but I found the family name DZHAMALITDINOV in Валдай (Valday, Novgorod, Russia). Elsewhere it is said to be from Solokh-Aul in the Krasnodar region.
  9. Another medal for assessment of originality... This time a Partisan of the GPW, first class in silver, apparently a Variant 2 according to Mondvor. If I compare this medal to the sure original shown on Mondvor site, I notice some differences in the letters of the avers, for instance the first "O" and the "ч" of ОтечеÑтвенной, as well as the last letters of the word "войны", which seem larger than normal, but this could be flattening due to wear. Thank you for leaving your comments.
  10. I am sorry as well, Nick! I paid a fortune...
  11. I repeatedly fail in getting original Academy Badges for my collection. This one was promising, but apparently everything is wrong with the ввмиу plate. I have been told that they are always secured to the rhomb by means of clasps. This one seems just glued. Pity, because the other elements of the badge look proper.
  12. Thanks for your comments. True that the pictures are not the best quality, and I am not the most qualified person to spot cast copies, but I had this impression as well, but I thought it was driven mainly by the poor photos. If I can get better pictures I will submit them to you.
  13. is this authentic, in your opinion?