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Great topic and plenty of good info for SC collectors. Re some earlier discussion re the obverse types in this medal:

I have six obverses in the 1919 SC Long Service medal- if anyone knows of more, or other variations please advise!

I have collected the following (as per MYB description) obverse types:

GV(c)- crowned head Coronation robes; 

GV(e)- coinage head;

GVI(d)- coinage head 'IND:IMP';

GVI(e)- coinage head 'FID:DEF';

QEII(b)- coinage head 'BRITT:OMN';

QEII(c)- coinage head 'DEI.GRATIA'.

Keen to hear of any other types!



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For the collector with any interest in Special Constabulary insignia and equipment, this thread is a must read. To say that the contributors provide a wealth of information would be an understatement. I just finished reading it, (all 34 pages) for the second time. The first time, I was looking for a particular badge. This time, I was trying to discover when the Metropolitan Police and the Metropolitan Special Constabulary wore the vertical stripes armband AND when both entities wore the armlet with horizontal stripes. Did they wear them alike at the same time or were the changes at different times? Which is the earlier version? when did both forces move the armlet up or down on their sleeve? As always, I would be grateful for any shared wisdom from the gentlemen of this forum. Thanks, Mike.

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Hi All-

Further to previous posts re the obverse types for the Special Constabulary Long Service  medal, I have attached a photo of my 6 different obverses. I think that these are all of those that were issued but would welcome any information on others. Waiting for the 'old Queen' image to be used on this medal, as it is in some newer military medals! Not sure how the image will appear- the GMIC screen keeps putting it in upside down on my screen!



SC LS medal obverses.jpg

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Hello David,

I like the side by side images of the different obverses of the SCLS medals.  Thanks for posting this photo.

I am reminded of a very good friend of mine from also from Australia with whom I correspond frequently.  Once in a while we will send an image that is upside down as a joke as I live in Canada.  I know it is an old and quite tired joke but we still think it's funny.

Thanks again.




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