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  1. Hi just to show I am not talinking crazy, an overall pic: * Ostfront award doc + award; * Somme award doc + award; * Hamburger Hanseatenkreuz doc + award (chips in enamel); * Hamburger Feldehrenzeichen doc + award; * award doc of regimental cross (award is NOT there unfortunately); * Bulgarian medal + accomp docs; * Hungarian medal + accomp docs; * Militärpass WKII; * Envelop of Deschler to the recipient; * Imperial cord. Almost complete grouping with scarce somme and ostfront award docs, Greetings from Bruges, Poulton
  2. Thanks. I am selling a relatively large grouping with an eastern front doc (+medal) + somme cross + doc + mil pass +Soldbuch +other award docs. If you are interested let me know. Greetings from Flanders, Poulton
  3. Hi Obergefreiter, I can't tell anything about the originality, it is not my cup of te and the pics aren't really good: too small and bit blurry. I am collecting for 15 years now and I have only come across one of these, although I must admit that I am not actively looking for these, but nevertheless: they aren't common. When I should come across one and the price is around 40 - 50 euros: I would buy it. It is a little bit typical that he has three of these. Good luck, Poulton
  4. In the "Ruhmeshalle unserer alten Armee" written by Dr Cron and others I can deduct the following: I can't see Fußa Btle 60, 62 and 63, only 61 and 64. Fußa Btl 61 fell under the 38. ID and 64 under the 109. ID. The latter ID fought mostly on the eastern front from nov 1915 on. From april 1918 till the end they were on the Somme front. Greetings, Poulton
  5. Hi Dave, I must thank you once again for this interesting military history lesson! Cheers, Poulton
  6. Wow Dave! Thanks. I am amazed at the speed and knowledge: respect. What I don't understand is that on the back at the bottom of the pic it says: "Dies liebe Vera, schrieb er mir als ersten Gruß auf dem Transport nach Belgien und seine Augen haben dabei geweint". The two words which are underlined: I don't know if these are correct. So he went to Belgium in 1914 at the start of the big conflict, isn't it strange then that he is wounded in East Prussia on 11 september 1914? Many greetings from the beautiful Bruges, Poulton
  7. Hi gentlemen, some time ago I posted something. Here is a picture i got from a collector friend. I like it very much but don't know the ribbons. It is a Leutnant from Inf Rgt 32? On the backside there is the following text: "gefallen am 16 sept 1914". I would very much like to know where this gentlemen died. Greetings Poulton.
  8. Hi Matt, Your first post: Maybe I am wrong as hell but could it be from left to right: * IC II class * White Falcon Knights cross second class with swords * War merit cross from Lippe Greetings, Poulton
  9. I have a couple of old German WWI grave stones/crosses. I must admit these are a little bit "awkward" items. These crosses/stones were obsolete when in the 50's and 60's many graves were gathered into bigger cemeteries. I don't really have a problem with these items as you can understand, as long as these items are handled with care and respect. Greetings, Poulton Palmer
  10. I got this one and another wooden cross from a person who has many connections in the area South West-Flanders/Northern France. After the second war the Volksbund started concentrating all the wargraves. In West-Flanders for example there remain only 4 or 5. Because of unifomity of the stones or crosses in a cemetery many of these became obsolete. Many of the wooden crosses were destroyed. The big stones maybe used in construction?? My friend, who is a little bit older than I am, was able to save quite a few of these redundant pieces. I am trying to find out where Ernst Fischer was buried initially. I can't find him on the Volksbund. He was said to have died / be buried in Roubaix, but I don't have any proof of that. Off course all other info I can find on him is also interesting. I also can't find him on Frontflieger.de. Greetings, Poulton
  11. Hi Dave, I also want to thank you for your response. Isn't that odd that he appears in a prussian casualty list being of saxon origin? Greetings, Poulton
  12. Hello gentlemen, I have this gravestone in my possession, it is a massive piece: about 100 kilo. I have been told by the previous owner that Ernst Fischer died (and was buried) in Roubaix. I can't find anything on him or the unit. Can someone help me with some info? Help would be greatly appreciated. Greetings, poulton
  13. Hi gentlemen, there are beauties among these medal bars!!! I am surprised that some bars don't come with names of the former owner. Some of the bars should be id-able. Correct me if I am wrong please. regards Poulton
  14. Hi gents, nice picture. You can buy this jacket here: http://www.treasure-hunt.nl/index1.html A dutch dealer with a good name. Greetings from Flanders, Poulton
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