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  1. as a RAMC collector iv seen them go from anything from 60 sterling to 300+ depending whats on it but an average trio with 1915 star would be about 80-115 also check to see if the service paper survived as that will effect the value as well!!they show up on ebay but the buy it now ones normally are over what you should pay!just keep an eye out and youl pick one up no problem!
  2. can you post the name and service number of both of them?thanks!
  3. ancestry has now the rolls up to research these on line instead of going to kew(if you have an ancestry membership that is!!)! heres the link!!! enjoy!! http://search.ancestry.co.uk/search/db.aspx?dbid=2456
  4. yeah im lucky that my better half is actually a little bit interested in my collecting!! if you ever want to get rid of her il be first in line for it!!! :beer:
  5. check out the description on this ebay listing!!!! i didnt know these were so rare!!if they are sweet iv got tons of em!!!!! http://www.ebay.ie/itm/RARE-British-soldiers-war-medal-victory-medal-ribbon-bar-Somme-battlefield-/300617035927?pt=UK_Collectables_Militaria_LE&hash=item45fe2bf097
  6. i was bidding on this and meant to bid higher but got distracted by the better half and forgot to bid again!! very nice bar though!! an ID might be possible with the devices etc! :beer:
  7. that to me looks like a modern naming!if you look at the currant naming of british medals it is very similar and as has been said why would you sell such a rare medal on ebay when you could get a better price at the main auction houses!!
  8. sweet jesus dont say that!with noors luck it might just BE a vc!!!!! ;)
  9. hows about.......... Victoria Cross Navy Distinguished Service Cross Foreign Medal - order of the rising sun!!!! makes sense!! ;)
  10. sounds indeed like a serious piece of metal and sound like peninsular GSM!!any name on the medal?
  11. you might be able to locate why he got it but very often they dont record why he got it just when!his unit war diary might have a mention of it!it is lovely group and the extras really add to it!!!! GREAT group! :love:
  12. heres his medal index card!looks like he entered france in 26-7-15 and i think he was demobbed in 18-3-19 cant find his service papers so looks like there gone and no pension from what i can! probably about all we can find out about him unless you get a DOB! LOVELY group for a nice mid war action!!!
  13. lets just say hes not quite got a easter rising group coming up but something nearly as good!!;)
  14. was thinking the same about the first one! though when i get it it might reveal more about it!!
  15. the next one i got really cheap to and loved the look of it! is very well made and got a old pin and hinge on it but doesn't have much wear on it!i like quite a lot!what you guess thing? ok as well?any help would be great!!thanks!!!
  16. picked up two ribbon bars on ebay there the other day but was thinking for the first one is it possible?iv not got it yet and not seen the back but it was cheap so i took a chance on it! just wondering is the ribbon combo possible? best i can figure is that this person served in china then South Africa then left the service and went into the civil service or something like that and got a MBE post 1936 or do you reckon its a made up?any help would be great!!!:)
  17. great info!this what brings the medals and history!the info thats avaible now on line is pretty amazing!thanks for posting always love your posts!
  18. true that the records mic do exist but the medal are the link to the person and his history!for instance i picked up a BWM to a merchant sea man and through that medal i saw him from his birth to his death in 43!that kinda of link would lost with the melting down of his medal!
  19. thing is that the british war medals etc are named so the history and story of the soldier is lost!there are plenty of un-named silver medals out there and while sad that they are lost there is genarely no story to them its the history that is lost that is the shame!
  20. what gets me about British collecting(iv moved over about a year now!) is that original silk ribbons are so damn hard to find!even for the common awards! yet 3rd reich or German imperial are really easy to get!half my collect has modern ribbons but just like darrell im getting over it!;)
  21. picked up a nice BWM to a merchant marine there and im having trouble finding out any info on his service during the war!i can find him on the 1891 1901 1911 census, his marriage and his death but none of his war time service!i have his campaign medal card but thats it!!!can anyone help me!! his name is Leonard Pater!! any help would be great!!! :beer:
  22. i saw that!what did it go for? was thinking of bidding but i didnt in the end! you see the broaching of medals more so up to ww1!iv a MM thats been broached,iv not seen any post ww1 medals broached!
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