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  1. Is that just the medal for sale? Or do they throw in extras lol
  2. We will gather our pitch forks in a couple days if no pictures appear hahaha ! hehehe For a Barbecue
  3. The Star, eagle and wreath combo is very Yugoslavian style, probably air force. Usually has the torch on the bottom if its socialist it can't be Kingdom since Kingdom has the crown on top. I've never seen that combo before, very interesting I'm assuming its for an officer, Enlisted don't usually get a fancy bucklet, it almost looks like a badge ?
  4. We had something similar in Serbian orders and medals, the molds ended up being sold privately and then some fake guy caught hold of them :S
  5. To make them more "real" and distinguish them from the real orders some of the fakes now a days have a serial, that keeps repeating itself for each award that is minted. so you have for example a billion 112456 (just an example) that you know isn't real because if you run the number off google or do research for it, it may come back as an incorrect order or medal.
  6. R.I.P Colonel Day Thank you for sharing the news with us and giving us a chance to show our respect
  7. Did they use the mold from the actual orders? Silver would be.......scary
  8. Wow, they fooled me lol Thanks for the post Nick Fantastic stuff
  9. Rogi

    Old katana?

    Would you stick a bare code thing onto an old antique sword? Seriously lol
  10. I'd go with Rick, he knows his stuff I know like ziltch on Civil War, only on painting and techniques
  11. I even stranger things come out "genuine" or "fake" one century and then the opposite the next I've kept my pokemon cards in the attic sealed in a crazy glue style packaging, I'm betting when I get kids and they open them up, they won't even be worth half as much as the marketing machine spins it up crazy. It is possible to find something in pristine condition after a couple years but from my experience the sword looks ok, the only thing that worries me is the buckle, it looks like someone stained it to appear older :S but then again it depends on the pictures and how they came out too.
  12. Anyway I was doing some research and I found this, Are the KM Boats, KM-4s because the only 332 I found was in the KM-4 class? Here are some pics off the web for KM-4, Again me using translator to the max lol The translation is horrible in spots, I know lol and random Km-4 picture in action^
  13. Aukinator has spoke I'm going to be using so many new smileys now lol Is it possible to estimate where this landing party took place ?
  14. Don't change it, or we'll send you to the Northern Forum Eric for some hard labor...
  15. Thank you Nick Rick It was random luck, this is my 1st actual navy award hit , The seller had it also pegged as the wrong serial number but after not getting a hit in the army, usually run it past the other archive I've sent you a pm with some info. If you check who signed off on his award you can see Captain 3rd grade Zhukov, must of been a popular name hehehe
  16. Here is the latest one, this is the one I picked up at the Militaria show ran the research through Auke and voila Excerpt from award issue records What do you guys think ? Amazingly it falls into the Leningrad/Finish craziness I have over 1649996 – Ivan Aleksandrovich Vesyolov – Red Banner Baltic Fleet – August 6, 1945   Record card Record card 1. Last name: Vesyolov 2. First name and patronymic: Ivan Aleksandrovich 3. Military rank: Chief Petty Officer 4. Sex: Male 5. Year of birth: 1918 6. Place of birth: Semyonovskoye Raion, Ivanovo Oblast 7. Party membership (since which year): Member of the Communist Party since 1942 8. Education: Secondary, unfinished 9. Nationality: Russian 10. Since which year in the Red Army: Since 1938 11. Place of service (name of the unit) and position occupied at the time of the award: Steering system first sergeant with the 15th Minesweeping Cutter Squadron, Liepāja Naval Base 12. Current place of service and position: Flag chemist[?] with the Waterside Security Unit of the Liepāja Naval Base 13. Home address of the awardee: Brivzimnieka Street, apartment 8, city of Liepāja (I've obscured the address a bit ) 14. Record of all awards received: Name of the order or medal Serial number Number of the document Ground of award Medal for Combat Merit 850027 Temporary certificate nr. Order of the Waterside Security Unit of the Kronstadt Naval Defense District nr. 2 of February 23, 1944 Order of the Red Star 1649966 Temporary certificate nr. Order of the Tallinn Naval Defense District nr. 5 of November 5, 1944 Medal of Ushakov 7621 Temporary certificate nr. Order of the Southwestern[?] Naval Defense District of the Baltic Fleet nr. 27 of July 21, 1945 Medal for Combat Merit Unnumbered Decree of June 20, 1949 Order of the Red Star 3125940 Decree of November 3, 1953 Medal for the Defense of Leningrad Medal for the Victory over Germany   Signature of the awardee: [signed] I confirm the correctness of the data and the signature of the awardee (position and signature): Chief of staff of the Waterside Security Unit of the Liepāja Naval Base Captain Lieutenant [signed] January 16, 1947     Award sheet Award sheet [Pencil note: By Order of the Tallinn Naval Defense District nr. 5 of November 5, 1944 awarded the Order of the Red Star] For: Chief Petty Officer Ivan Aleksandrovich Vesyolov, captain of KM-339, 15th Minesweeping Cutter Squadron 1. Year of birth: 1918 2. Nationality: Russian 3. Social position: Worker 5. Since when in the Red Army or Navy: 1938 6. Participation in the Civil War: No 7. Wounds and contusions: No 8. Earlier nominations for awards, when and for what: No 9. Which commendations and awards received and for what: Medal for the Defense of Leningrad and Medal for Combat Merit 10. Service in the White Army or other bourgeois armies and time spent in captivity: No Home address: _______________ Short, concrete description of his combat feat or merits: During the minesweeping operations in warship waterway 306-K in the Narva Bay and during the raid on Tallinn his cutter swept 7 anchor mines in the Narva Bay. During the minesweeping missions he skillfully avoided hitting anti-cutter mines in shallow water on two occasions, thus saving his crew and his ship. He took part in putting ashore a landing party on an island in the Gulf of Finland. His cutter did not sustain any damage. During combat operations he acts unflinchingly and bravely. He deserves to be awarded the Order of the Red Star. Commander of the 15th Minesweeping Cutter Squadron Captain 3rd Grade [signed] /Zhukov/ October 27, 1944   He deserves the Order of the Red Star. Commander of the 1st Minesweeper Brigade of the Tallinn Naval Defense District, Red Banner Baltic Fleet Captain 1st Grade [signed] /Yurkovsky/
  17. Edit, I made a mistake on the order lol that's what happens when your posting late
  18. Wow ya, amazing They usually get downgraded to a Red Star early in the war for such a low rank, he must of had some kind of party connection fantastic find
  19. That doesn't really explain the baked look on the ring, I've seen a lot of patina on other pieces but none that have the semi burnt look on it and just the top section, for an un-issued peace the condition is still pretty odd if you compare with the previous 1sts on this thread.
  20. if I had to guess I'd go fake and avoid it, it looks like almost the exact color gold I use on aircraft and other models
  21. Very cool mini bio I feel the need to do more research sounds fascinating, thank you so much for sharing with us
  22. It could be Turkish or African, they have similar symbolizms in their medals
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