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  1. Wow that was so cool, Thank you all for the info (I wish I could multi quote, still trying to figure out the forum ) I wondered why it was crooked all these years (I thought that it had fallen and someone steped on it, and thats why it received a bit of crook to it Thank you all so much for the clarification, now I know its a collar tab Does anyone happen to have a rear view shot of the tab itself with pin intact? I'll try to search it on the net so I can at least see what the pin looks like. I'm not sure if I should invest in a pin to "restore" it but I've liked keeping it in original condition all these years, so why ruin it now with a resto that won't really impact anything that positively. It is hard to bend (not that I tried to bend it all that much) so I guess from all the opinions provided it most likley is real. Thank you all for the comments I should find a matching one for a "set" now Regards, Igor
  2. This is one pick up I had when I was a child (about the same time I picked up my Order of the Patriotic War 2nd class) but it was at a flea market that I found this little one, the seller wanted $5 for it, but I pointed out the pin was broken and I wanted it for cheaper, please, he ended up chuckling and he told me he'd give it to me for whatever I had in my pocket, which I agreed, and it ending up costing me $1 I just love the German Eagle on badges, and since my budget wasn't that large to begin with, a Luftwaffe pilot's badge was out of the question (was something like 200 or 300 back then) I settled for something smaller It may not be a great pick up, but I like the history behind the award, supposedly it was owned by a Private when he served and that gentleman sold it on to the Flea Market guy, who sold it down to me, so did I make a good pick up, to me every pick up is a good one and I still love the image of the eagle on this badge, I think the German version of the eagle is very elegant. My main questions to you experts is, is it the real deal or a copy? I'd feel bad if I spent a buck on a copy even if its a small purchase, and there appears to be what looks like a hallmark on the back (it appears to be a bit scratched out, or the pin broke off in that location?), I'll post it in the second picture with what looks like to me as M1/17 but it curves down a bit crooked and it isn't a straiight application. Does anyone have a similar cap badge, and is it worth it getting a replacement pin from a restorer installed on it, or keep her as is?
  3. Now I'm worried about the upcoming show hehehe but I'll guess I'll see in time (its been at least 7-8 years since my last show) hopefully theres something out there that peaks the interest I'd even setlle for a cool poster or two
  4. Thank you Aurelius We used to have one guy that came down to our show here when I was a kid, he had an amazing assortment of stuff, if you were looking for something in specific in soviet or communist bloc countries. He was a tad over priced but it seemed legit (its where I got my Order of the Patriotic War 2nd Class from) the only thing that really was "bad" if there was anything about him, was if there was a document (booklet) with the specific award, he really overpriced the set, enough so you could get 3 orders of that same type without the booklet. But without paperwork and in really nice condition, the price was ok for an Order(this was just as Ebay was hitting off) From what I've seen and heard from friends this, years show will predominatley be German stuff, but I'll go anyway, if theres something Soviet or Yugo. I'm game for it even if its a tad expensive (just not over expensive) I'll be focusing on the Order of the Red Star, Order of Glory, Order of St. Sava and some other awards from Yugoslavia/Serbia that are easy to come by, so it should be good, there was always a lot of Yugo. and Serb and Croat. medals and militaria in the show. Sometimes they end up hiding the soviet stuff, so you have to ask the vendor directly "Do you have any Soviet/Russian/Yugo/Serb/Croat medals" its hard to come by, but they usually end up displaying what sells and then throwing out some other stuff or just a small portion of stuff at the end. If there are no Russian orders or comunist bloc stuff this time round I'd be really dissapointed and probobly just stick to the net. So far I've been lucky at the shows. Its just that I understand a lot of the vendors, not a lot of people would want to buy soviet awards, and those who do, end up sticking to 1 table that has it all pretty much so not a lot of other vendors can compete. Its hard to find stuff you like, but I wouldn't mind picking up another Oder of the Great Patriotic war again from that guy, if he still deals in Russian and Soviet Militaria, who knows maybe he does have that booklet for my order in his "spares" pile.
  5. 1. I've always beleived that most militaria shows (ones held in halls and sportsplexes etc) sell the real deal. There are exceptions when someone really beleives he or she has the proper period authenetic piece but a buyer has to be careful and know what they want. If for example I want to buy a Order of Glory 1st class, I'll try to research as much as possible, ask people who own one to send me pics so I can spot fakes and try to receive as much assistance from people who know the Order. I won't go to the Militaria show and buy an Order of Lenin because its a great price and I'm willing to risk it. If its the real deal, sometimes vendors will reserve the order in question for purchase later and will even arrange to meet with you afterwords in a couple days or weeks to sell the award. Then I'll ask around on the forum and see if it looks legit and purchase if its right. 2. This is continuing from the first question but it is important, know what you want. Don't change your opinion on something or chage to a diffrent order (or orders, since I never go into a Militaria show with 1 option on the table) 3. If it feels wrong or the vendor is dis-interested in helping you, and is border line rude, don't buy at their table. I'll sometimes pay $10 bucks extra if the guy on the opposite table is a good guy (ie if I know them and have had dealings with them in the past, or if they seem to care more about it) I don't want to purchase at people's tables who flip me off when I ask for a discount on an overpriced award, your buying the seller and his product, I know that some sellers think their price is really good, but the market fluctuates and I don't like it when people react negatively to a query from a buyer. You can attract a bear easier with honey than you can with salt. The seller is normal and curteous to me (chats me up about the award, the history etc) or even explains why he is selling it at this price (extras are thrown in, documents, excellent conidition etc) all make me want to purchase more than this common reaction: "What are you talking about! Your robbing me!!! Go to another table!" The only time I won't skip on buying from a rude seller is if its an award I've been looking for a long long long time and I know I won't be able to get it anywhere else. 4. This is the most important one, You have to give respect and be courteous to earn respect. Nothing beats a impolite buyer, no seller will want to deal with you if you arn't respectful to them and their merchandise, calling out fakes in front of their faces, really rubbing in how expensive something is, not a good strategy for a buyer. A lot of the sellers are selling a part of their collection to fund something biger, or dearer to their hearts. A lot of guys want their orders and medals to go to good homes where they know it'll be appreciated. Thats the kind of buyer I always strive to be, respectful and I'll point out things to the seller which I think they won't find offensive, but I won't push it, I like to treat people as if I was the one selling or buying. These ended up being more tips on behavior than anything else about fakes, but thats my 2 cents
  6. Wow, thats better than any Michelin Star He must of prepared some fantastic food for those honors, What great citations
  7. I'd +1 on the Serbian, the ladys "Narodna nosnja" (traditional attire) looks like what we have back home, but then again so do some Russian, Ukranian, Bulgarian, and other Mediteranian Slovak countries. If you can figure out the weave pattern, you can even narrow it down to what region it was taken in, if the weave isn't too common. They still dress like this in today's time, so maybe the culture and traditional weave of this specific nation is still being used today, best of luck Igor
  8. Thank you so much all for the tips I'm guessing that any of those extra cards such as the SARC copy you mentioned is able to be purchased when it comes up in the file etc? and only in extreme cases or something really special standing out in each that those items should be considered ?
  9. Gotta love those awards Thanks for posting Radmilo Now I'll be dreaming of St Sava's in 1st class with the ribbon hehehe The higher up you get in those award classes, the more beautiful they become drclaw- Order of Milos the Greats, there arn't that many out there, since it only lasted from 1898 to 1903 after the competing family took over and stoped the award. I'm suprised to even see the sash on the bay
  10. Could it be, that most soliders are buried with their medals, back home in the Former Yugoslavia, now Croatia, Serbia, Slovania, Bosnia, Kosovo etc Soldier's used to be buried with their medals, it was a very honorable and huge affair. There are a lot of soldiers who died in battle and a lot more who are now reaching an older age, so the documents and medals themselves might be "lost" when a soldier is laid to rest.
  11. So I'm perplexed I'm trying to figure out how many terms are used for a couple items in the research of medals in the archives, some are very similar to others, but I think I've been able to check and see which are the same and which are different, so far I've come up with these : Record Card or Award Card - this item has all the items awarded to an individual in his military career. ? Award Sheet- sheet recomending an individual for an award, has the citation and some info. on his military career. -> is this the same when someone says in research "The Citation" is he refering to the award sheet in general, or just the specific citation itself. Order - page stating the official awarding of the decoration. Will this be included in the previous documents on the decoration? Service Record Card- All manner of information on the individual, ranks attained, courses, family etc. Personnel file- Only available to officers and lists almost everything in their career. Is this a good break down of the specific terms? Have I mixed up any terms, do they need to be updated, and what is usually included (or what should I add extra) if I'm going to research 1 Order (Order of the Great Patriotic War 2nd class) I want to be sure before commiting to a certain individual or group who researches these items, it is expensive and can get more expensive if added items are added, I just want to be sure what you guys on the forum would recomend the most and what you would recomend that comes standard in the research? One final thing, if anyone reading this has had research done and are pleased with the individual's work, could you pm me their email or name. I've currently contacted 2 individuals who I'm very impressed with, 1 of them is frequently used on the forum and the other indivudual who I have contacted I havn't found a lot of individuals using him, but he has been very polite, answered all my questions and both have been recomended by a forum moderator (I won't mention their names or who has recomended them, since I don't want to put someone in the spotlight who I havn't asked permission from, I'd just like to gather as much info. before making my commitment to someone, since it is my first time requesting such a thing for an Order so I would like to be sure what I would look forward to getting and what I don't need Thank you all, Igor
  12. Thank you all for the help, we have a mixed family serb and croat. and there is at least 1 member of our family I remember having a St. Sava order (in old photos) so I'll have to double check any photos at grandma's house for that specific one and maybe narrow down that one our family history in Yugoslavia goes back for ages. I've also noticed emedals selling a miniature version of the award (the Type 1) it is on this link: http://www.emedals.com/collectors-gallery/europe/serbia/orders/order-of-st-sava/order-of-st-sava-3 Except it is chiped away, how easy/challenging is it to find someone to repair this ? (ie is there a specific forum member that restores awards?) and how much smaller from a reg. St Sava is a miniature? (sorry if all these questions are a bit newb ) Thank you all for the advice and great info. Igor
  13. Hi everyone, I've been browsing the forums the last couple days and making a bit of posts but I don't see any concrete information for the St Sava order. I've always loved the award and since my family originated in Yugoslavia (we dont live there any longer but I was born in what is now Croatia) I'd like to purchase one of these. I usually like to do as much research as possible on awards before making a comitment to purchase, but there seems to be a lot of descrepancy on prices of these awards I know it boils down to a couple factors, first the grades ranging from 1st to 5th of the award. Second the maker and pattern, I know there are a couple variations and I've been able to find a link to the "Serbian and Yugoslavian Orders and Decorations" book where it lists the various Icons of Saint Sava on the award I can't find any more information apart from that. I'd like to know, what are the diffrences in pattern and how that effects value? What maker makes the best quality Awards? Are the awards plated, gilded, or pure silver/gold and if there are mixed ones (since I see a lot of gilded silver 5th classes etc I'd like to know where the line from pure to gilded is drawn in what class. For someone starting to collect this award, which Class, pattern, type and maker would you recomend? I'm not up to spending 1k, but I could see spending 400 or maybe even 500 on an amazing award I'm currently looking at the entry level prices for them and I just want to know why theres a small diffrence in price from 300 to 375 on some of the orders, since some 300 ones look better than the more expensive variants, I'm currently looking at all the 4th and 5th classes on the site emedals, I've seen it referenced here a lot but I have to ask, has anyone purchased from them ? Do they have a good reputation, they seem to have a lot of stock in orders and medals but I don't want to purchase and then end up seeing it is a fake. I want to make sure before comiting to any purchase, so I'll probobly end up posting here my questions in regards to the order. Thank you all for any help, Hvala i pozdrav, Igor
  14. I beleive theres an interview with Jackson somewhere in my bag of video clips, where he says he chose to wear the order because he liked the look of the Eagle. Some Hollywood Extra show or something, if I do end up finding it I'll put the post down. He should be able to wear whatever he wants to, but then again I think if a country informs him they do not wish him to wear the order, he shouldn't be puting it on and wearing it. Further more, as long as anyone doesn't expresly state that there were awarded the award, when they were not, why would it matter. I'd love to see one of the celebs sporting a MOH with diffrent color sash just to spice it up a bit.
  15. This award had nothing to do with the upcoming "Die Hard" movie.......I have yet to see an award like this go to someone whos actually watched 30 years of movies!
  16. Here is my whole "Eastern" collection, not a lot but some really nice stories behind the medals the 3 Stars are Yugoslavian and the other medals I think are Russian along with the cap badge, would love to know more about them too Heres the reverse of the Sporting medal if anyone can read it The Paratrooper medal came out a bit blurry but it has a hallmark on the back, I'll post a pic when I get a better shot of it Hope you guys enjoy and I should post on the Yugoslavia forum with those pins I just love the red enamel look on these awards
  17. Thank you so much Jim for the help, and your right I'd prefer to keep the order instead of selling, but thank you for the offer
  18. Hi Mr.Jim, thank you so much for the info. via pm I'll get right on it Here we go, I uploaded via Photobucket, I hope thats ok in the forum and within the rules, if not I'll try another method I took photos of both sides of the screwing in button thing and the award so you guys can see them both I don't want to remove the tarnish on the order because thats never a good thing (thank you antiques roadshow for this lesson ) Does it look fine? and from the WW2 period? If anything else is needed please let me know
  19. I love this award, thank you so much for the info on this topic Regards, Igor
  20. I'll get a picture up soon, but about 10 years ago when I was little we went to a medal convention (I think they still hold it annually here in my home town) and I was able to pick out an award that I liked that my parents purchased for me I'm into Russian aircraft and armor (more aircraft ) and I picked out a Order of the Great Patriotic War 2nd class. I would like to find some information on my specific award, it didn't come with its document but I was told that WW2 awards info. can be found. The serial number of my award is 219874 Any information on the award as to it's recipiant or when it was awarded would be fantastic, Thank you all so much Igor P.S. I'll get pictures of the award posted soon
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