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  1. And what about him? Some kind of Klempnerladen on his frack. It is god`s Büttel. One of my favourite´s photos. Much better than the shown one at Ebay. He had also the IC on non-combatant ribbon. And that one. Meet Excellenz Faulhaber. These cards were given to german prisoners which were interniert in Switzerland. He said this famous words: "Ihr wart bereit für das Vaterland zu sterben - nun seid bereit für das Vaterland zu leben..." Faulhaber was one of the few recipients of the bavarian MVO (breast star) with ribbon for war merit. I also collect photos of priest, Feldpater, Feldpröbste, Kriegspfarrer.
  2. There are a lot of different pieces you can collect. Personally i like the hallmarked or mm pieces most. Pieces with screw are very hard to find. imo the rarest version is the version of JHW with "935" and Kleeblatt mark or a M. Hansen with screwback. I have only seen 2 in the last years. Sometimes you can find pieces at emedals.ca
  3. i think your piece is post war. as you know from the WAF it was given by the Hohenzollern till the 1950s.
  4. Imo also the box is a modern fake. it is made of old style to look more authentic. But wait for other opinions. There are a lot of fakes of the TWM out there. it is really a minefield. Be careful. If i were you i would look around to find a period BB&Co piece. It is the most common version.
  5. yes also bad items. all shown pieces are thrash. if you want to get a good piece, have a look about a BB Co. piece. They are not so overprised and easier to find. A good period JH Werner to find is very hard. They are also very expensive. 500 - 1000 bucks. have a look at Liverpool medals.com (for example). He has a BB& Co piece for a normal price.
  6. imo both fakes. the 1st one is often to find on german ebay. The sellers are mostly from the Rhineland.
  7. Here is my medal, marked with "E.S.". But I don't know, by whom it is stamped, the maker or the seller. In my opinion the only company which makes sense is Eugen Schmidhäussler, Pforzheim (E.S.) now Henecka. Schmidhäussler was founded in the 1890s. As Lüdenscheid Pforzheim was a big capital for jewellery, medals and orders in Germany. (also B.H. Mayer´s ....)
  8. General Jakow Oberbefehlshaber der bulgarischen Armee Yes, von Steuben. von Steuben rules. German military power
  9. The marked bars are looking strange. What i especially like is the bar on #2 on the left with the ottoman ones. If he would sell it in future, i would be interested in
  10. Thanks for the entry in the list. The 2nd one is that piece of Eb... So in 1899/1900 he was 65 years old. May be my pic was taken to his Pensionierung (retired)
  11. thanks a lot. Andy. And this one is greater than great, because of its high details. I must have been taken bevor 1897 Meet Mr. Scherer again - this grand pa rocked da house.
  12. I want to share a pic, which i got yesterdays for my 1870 Veteran photo book. First - unfortunately an unknown person, b u t at Ebay i found him on a pic again with his name and data. My pic was taken in Berlin on christmas 1899 and it is nearly 120 years old. It shown Heinrich Carl Scherer and his wife. He served as a Feldwebel in IR Nr. 48 and fought 1864, 1866 and 1870. He was awarded with -EK2 1870 (Wagner core) -EK1 1870 -AEZ (general honour medal) -KDM 1870 with 7 clasps (Spicheren, Vionville-Mars la tour, Gravelotte St Privat, Metz Beaune La Rolande - Orleans and Le Mans -1866 Kreuz für Kämpfer -1864 KDM für Kämpfer Centenialmedal 1897 and "25" oaks (1895) -LSM. In my opinion a true prussian hero of that time, especially of his EK1. It was only ~ 170 times awarded to EM and NCO.
  13. Hi

    Wenn Du mal irgendwo irgendwann einen EH vom Hersteller Wagner siehst - ich will ihn haben.

    Schick mir dann unbedingt eine PN.


    Gruss Jo

  14. Yes, but the blue stripe on Schaumburg is smaller. As i bought it from a person, it had the DA15 on it.
  15. Add a saxon Mannschaftsstand DA and the bar is perfect. A few years ago this bar stayed in my collection. That`s not a Schaumburg ribbon. It has a smaller blue stripe.
  16. That`s a 938 piece made by Meybauer. There are also a version with screw
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