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  1. Yes, but the blue stripe on Schaumburg is smaller. As i bought it from a person, it had the DA15 on it.
  2. Add a saxon Mannschaftsstand DA and the bar is perfect. A few years ago this bar stayed in my collection. That`s not a Schaumburg ribbon. It has a smaller blue stripe.
  3. That`s a 938 piece made by Meybauer. There are also a version with screw
  4. a cheap fake. Ebay`s full of that sh...
  5. I don`t like the bar. And the Adler der Ritter is not a so rare decoration. It was often given to teachers and preachers.
  6. Those fotos are really rare. They are very hard to find. They are from the beginning of photography. My earliest photo shows a 1864 soldier after the war ended.
  7. Here one of my pics of the Kaiserliche Marine. It shows an officer (i think Oberleutnant z.S.) with his wife (?) and his new awarded IC 2nd class. As i saw his face, i remembered one person who had a famous reactivation in WW2 and the years bevor. Do you know his name (or the person he looks like) ?
  8. Is it possible to ID the 1st guy? He`s a Leutnant. The photo was taken in 1919 in Regensburg (Bavaria) He wears the IC, Albrecht knight´s cross 2nd class with X, Mecklenburg MMCr. and austrian MMC 3rd class with war decoration. On his neck an (austrian??) Malteser and a unknown cross under it. Between the crossarms i can see some lions. (Finnish???) The 2nd one was taken in Lörrach (Baden) in 1918. Which uniform does he wear? No shoulderboards, no Kragenspiegel, only 3 black stripes on his arm. Thanks for help.
  9. The shown piece with screwback is a private purchased piece of the Deutsche Offiziersverein. The enamel is not the best and the Jahreszahlen are missing.
  10. Vom Gewerbeumfang gesehen, ist es die alte Bezeichnung einer GmbH & Co KG. (wenn ich unterstelle, das das eine deutsche Fertigungsstätte war) - die Bezeichnung gab es jedoch auch im Ausland. BB & Co. is an still unknown official manufacturer of EH.
  11. Hi - the order means no HV devices on shoulderboards of officials of the RKG. I think your shown boards are pieces of the Heeresjustiz - Heeresjustiz is no RKG.
  12. https://www.google.de/search?q=reichskriegsgericht+schulterklappen&client=firefox-b-ab&dcr=0&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi94-7l2OnYAhVHy6QKHS8xD48Q_AUICygC&biw=1536&bih=734#imgrc=8qVpsC9USAb9RM: At the Reichskriegsgericht they had no HV devices. At my shown pieces there were never a device. Good question...
  13. what do i have here, Paul? I would say: Reichskriegsgerichtssekretär (= the rank of an Lt.) In the middle green - the outside is held in red. No better pic possible.
  14. Yes, but the preowner (Voreigentümer) could also replace the silvered MMM in a GMMM. The SMMM was often awarded to prussian units. It was the equivalent of the prussian IC2nd class. There are no notes, that the GMMM was awarded to prussians at all. The only possibility is, that the soldier has been a wuerttemberg NCO (a citizen) served in a prussian regiment.
  15. Did i understand it correctly? You replaced the GMMM ? If yes - hm... the GMMM was only in a few pieces given to non-wuerttemberg units. I would it replace it on an typical wuerttemberg medal bar with for example: EK2 - GMMM - FEK - DA How much weight does it have?
  16. von Watter, Haas and Pfeil are the correct persons. I agree. A nice photo, perfect to stay in Germany . hehe... I have a bigger Nachlass of a member of the IR 124. Rommels first regiment. They fought in the Argonnen.
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