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  1. It’s certainly beautiful. I’ve always loved Bulgarian orders, especially the order of bravery.
  2. It’s strange and had to been deliberately done seeing as all would know the rules. I think that’s Castell-Castell, his Flugeladjutant, next to him.
  3. I think so too. It’s hard to find photos of Ludwig and his Entourage
  4. Can someone identify the Bavarian officer behind King Ludwig III? Circled red in photo
  5. Hi Sandro, that’s excellent literature for the adjutant tunic. I have no doubt about the tunic, I’m just asking about the differences between it and the Leonrod. Are the tabs on Castell of the 1915 pattern? I never realized those Saxon tabs were exclusively for Saxon Generaladjutant
  6. Sorry if I was unclear. Yes, the m16 tunic is correct. I was wondering about the 1910 tunic. Castell has no breast pockets but Leonrod does
  7. Thank you Glenn, I'm always amazed at your knowledge and resources. This topic is extremely confusing to me. If Leonrod’s tunic is of a Flugaladjutant then I assume a Flugeladjutant tunic should have breast pockets and Costell-Costell’s doesn’t. The photo of Costello above shows him wearing a tunic exactly like Leonrod. Another tunic of Costell Weitze once sold. I understand this is a Kleiner Rock and the insignia is correct for his position. to clarify, below is a M16 Bluse, no Kleiner Rock or litewka posted.
  8. Are these the correct collar tabs? I thought the tabs on the 1910 type tunic were longer. Wasn’t Wilhelm Freiherr von Leonrod also an adjutant?
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