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  1. Hi my list shows "We" as "Unknown maker" unfortunately, so we may never know
  2. Hi all, just a quick manufacture identification request, the ring looks like it's stamped with either "WG" or "we", any ideas? all help appreciated regards Alex K
  3. Looks like a perfectly good Klein and Quenzer made piece and original, suspension ring should be stamped with 65 regards Alex K
  4. Hi Thanks for the confirmation, much appreciated regards Alex
  5. Hi Carol I, am I correct is reading that the attached, in my collection has the wrong ribbon, if so which would be the correct one, regards Alex K
  6. I honestly don't know myself now which way it will go, it seems at the moment, out, but still in somehow
  7. Hi Guys thanks for the comments and additional information on my mystery Wagner, which regiment does the uniform belong to its obviously a Uhlan regiment,? I agree ixhs your archive in Stuttgart has some really interesting images, I often have a detailed look regards Alex
  8. Hi inxs The guy in my avatar is Eginhard Eschborn. Its part of a colourisation I did a long time ago
  9. Hi Laurentius, thanks for the reply, I thought it may have been co-incidental, I suppose I need to look for aristo VON Wagners to see if I can find anything out about him regards Alex
  10. Hi all, I came across this image from Landesarchiv Baden-Wuerttemburg of a Louis von Wagner, doing searches reveals nothing about him except his more famous namesake, the composer, does anyone know if they were related to each other or just a name co-incidence, Louis certainly had a distinguished military career, if so does anyone have a brief bio on him? thanks regards Alex K
  11. I Picked up a ww2 vintage 6th class cased in the UK for 110gbp, (A bit of haggling, late afternoon, waved cash I admit, he wanted 125GBP) He also had a cased 7th class for about 60GBP if I remember Alex K
  12. Hi, with regards to polished stars, they are generally made of bronze, I have several WWI stars made from bronze, (Generally called the "Mons Star"), they too were polished at some point, bronze, like silver, when exposed to the atmosphere will, over time start to tarnish again naturally, it will take time but they now look as though they were never polished, and without any artificial intervention, depends if you are prepared to wait, as for replacement bits and pieces, "Liverpool Medals" are a well known medal dealer, they sometimes have "Spare parts" http://www.liverpoolmedals.com/World-Medals-and-Decorations/
  13. Thankyou, glad you like them. regards
  14. Hi Larry, bit late, but nice images as usual! With the upcoming centenary anniversary of the end of WWI, I decided to trawl through some of my long forgotten efforts and pay my own tribute, I normally go for the bigwigs with fancy uniforms, lots of bullion and medals, (I like the challenge), however, I do have some of the "Ordinary" guys that faced the muck and bullets, These are a random selection that I can find on file, and not any preference. I've had these on file for many years and unfortunately no longer recall the sources.
  15. Hi Thanks for the information, only just spotted it, I'll put it on file for future reference regards one final attempt, then I find another pastime!! plus a few more, I suspect he liked being photographed in uniforms Alex
  16. Hi My operation Granby one was given to me by the brother (A non smoker) of a serving soldier who received out in the Gulf at the time of the operation, so I assume it to be an authentic "Original", if I recall I've certainly had it since around that time, Unorttunately since a recent house move Its most probably lurking in some forgotten trunk regards
  17. Thanks, interesting, so the above picture has been mislabelled, I thought there seemed a difference in appearance between it and other images of Eduard, as for the decorations I was wondering if they were an "E-bay" type of purchase, clearly I was not far off, (that PLM looks suspiciously like a 10GBP copy I have lying around somewhere). Interesting link. regards Alex K
  18. Hi all, this is a genuine question and an attempt to understand the facts, attached is an image of Eduard Prince of Anhalt, resplendent in ceremonial uniform, image credit "alchetron", no date given for the image but clearly fairly modern As head of the House of Ascania, and Master of the House Order of Albrecht the Bear, which he is wearing, no problem with that, family baubles, he's entitled to award and wear them. In addition, of the other decorations, included are the Prussian "Pour-Le-Merite" military, 2 grades of the Prussian Order of the Crown, and the Austrian Order of Leopold, given that all these were effectively abolished in 1918, long before he was born, who awarded them? or is it a case of dynastic dressing up? Forgot to mention the breast star to the Prussian Order of the Black Eagle regards Alex K
  19. Just looking through this interesting thread and spotted this image, by Komtur, looking closely, he seems to be wearing a corduroy tunic, is it a colonial one such as this attached
  20. For those interested, I've answered my own question! Ribbon for the above decoration, extract from "Imperial German and Austrian decorations", by D G Neville
  21. Hi, Thanks, I think you're right, attached an image, nice piece, anyone know what the ribbon would have looked like, thanks for your help, one more I didn't know about regards Alex
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