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  1. Hi My operation Granby one was given to me by the brother (A non smoker) of a serving soldier who received out in the Gulf at the time of the operation, so I assume it to be an authentic "Original", if I recall I've certainly had it since around that time, Unorttunately since a recent house move Its most probably lurking in some forgotten trunk regards
  2. Thanks, interesting, so the above picture has been mislabelled, I thought there seemed a difference in appearance between it and other images of Eduard, as for the decorations I was wondering if they were an "E-bay" type of purchase, clearly I was not far off, (that PLM looks suspiciously like a 10GBP copy I have lying around somewhere). Interesting link. regards Alex K
  3. Hi all, this is a genuine question and an attempt to understand the facts, attached is an image of Eduard Prince of Anhalt, resplendent in ceremonial uniform, image credit "alchetron", no date given for the image but clearly fairly modern As head of the House of Ascania, and Master of the House Order of Albrecht the Bear, which he is wearing, no problem with that, family baubles, he's entitled to award and wear them. In addition, of the other decorations, included are the Prussian "Pour-Le-Merite" military, 2 grades of the Prussian Order of the Crown, and the Austrian Order of Leopold, given that all these were effectively abolished in 1918, long before he was born, who awarded them? or is it a case of dynastic dressing up? Forgot to mention the breast star to the Prussian Order of the Black Eagle regards Alex K
  4. Just looking through this interesting thread and spotted this image, by Komtur, looking closely, he seems to be wearing a corduroy tunic, is it a colonial one such as this attached
  5. For those interested, I've answered my own question! Ribbon for the above decoration, extract from "Imperial German and Austrian decorations", by D G Neville
  6. Hi, Thanks, I think you're right, attached an image, nice piece, anyone know what the ribbon would have looked like, thanks for your help, one more I didn't know about regards Alex
  7. Hi all, another quest for decoration identification, attached image of Graf Konrad von Degenfeld-Schonburg, with an unidentified Decoration, anyone recognise it, help, as usual, appreciated regards Alex K
  8. Alex K

    Rising Sun 6th class

    Hi Thanks for the info, much appreciated regards Alex
  9. Hi all, havn't posted any recent acquisitions lately but picked this up a day or so ago, my first foray into Imperial Japanese, hope it's a good one, looks like it to me, unfortunately can't read Japanese characters or know what the particular period is, any tips would be appreciated, The case is lacquered wood regards Alex K
  10. Hi, thanks for the updates, I thought all imperial decorations were abolished as national decorations when the Austrian royal family abdicated, from the images it now seems to be some sort of civil decoration, shows how wrong I am, oh well you live and learn, must educate myself of the numerous uniforms also
  11. For those interested, there is an existing thread I started many years ago in Military Art "Bringing History to Life" section, it seems to have dried up somewhat so I havn't posted for quite a while, with regards to ownership images etc, I personally I try to use what are termed "Public Domain" where ownership is unknown or time expired, or as in the case of Leopold IV, above, obtain an appropriate licence for personal use, Images I know to be "privately owned" I may colourise but ensure I don't publicly post without the owners permission, It is Robert of Wurttemburg, the only Austrian medal he is wearing is the last one, the others are German, but Austrian mounted for some reason, apart from that the neck decoration is the Austrian version of the Order of the Golden Fleece. The Austrian version was discontinued in 1918, there is a Spanish version, which is still in use, as a results of both Austrian and Spanish Royal inter-marriages regards Alex ps this image is from Landesarchiv Baden-Wurttembug
  12. Hi Solomon thanks for the complement on the colourisation, The images you posted are really very nice, remember if they are period (Old)images, then they have historical value, particularly as a collector, modern digital images such as those I posted don't hold the same value, If I collected period images, I would be very pleased to have those you posted in my collection, in reality, if they are original, then they may well be unique regards
  13. Attached a revised colourisation, hope it's more accurate, I may need to brush up on my Feldjager uniforms!
  14. Hi Thanks for the correction, appreciate your input to enable me to be as accurate as possible, the collar, cuffs and trouser stripe is no problem, what does puzzle me slightly is the black stripes on the sash, to the best of my knowledge its a grand cross of the Austrian order of Leopold, which looks like this, I'm not aware of any special class ribbon which differs, perhaps you could confirm otherwise Edit, just had a thought, do you mean the waistband sash not the shoulder sash, I suspect so!! if so not a problem regards
  15. Yes interesting images, at least one is commercially available, I have a licenced copy for personal use, and my colourised version
  16. Yes, one is the Turkish war medal, pinback (Eiserne Halbmund), the one on the ribbon I guess either one of these
  17. Hi wow! thanks for the speedy and in-depth reply, a very distinguished career it seems, also explains the Turkish decoration he's wearing around his neck. It looks like he's also wearing the Swedish order of the Sword (Last medal on the medal bar), any involvement there in his career? best regards Alex K
  18. Hi all, attached is an image of a impressive 16 place medal bar being worn by a NSDAP official, clearly the medals are from imperial times, the name is given as"Fritz Lauffer", Googling the name produces nothing unfortunately, does anyone recognise or know of his career to allow him to so bountifully awarded? regards Alex K
  19. Hi Ben, thanks for the confirmation, at the moment mine house 57'er EK1's I may use one for my S & L 14-18 version regards Alex
  20. Hi Ben thanks for the response from your description do you mean something like this, if so then good, I have a couple spare lying around Nice Deumer by the way. regards Alex
  21. Hi thanks, I thought I'd scanned them all, to the best of my knowledge they are all still attached as a "String" booklet with the cover, ( bit tatty now), I've still got them, but unfortunately after a recent move I havn't got a clue where they are at the moment, It might take a couple of months to relocate regards
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