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  1. Here's a set, my father's. I've eight of these sets,oddly, only one sports a national defense ribbon (obviously not this one) . . . guess he didn't like it.
  2. And just when did he qualify in submarines?
  3. Here's a set. Interestingly, the Navy Cross on the full size set is a "Black Widow" variety and I've seen miniatures of that variety, so I'm presuming the one here was procured after the fact.
  4. A T Jones is a costumer. What you have is probable a costume as opposed to a uniform. https://www.baltimoremagazine.com/2018/3/12/on-with-the-show-a-t-jones-sons-costume-shop-turns-150 You can make a reenactor discussing the accuracy of his uniform really angry if you say something along the lines of, "Oh, you were never inducted into or actually served in the German Army? Well, then, what you are wearing then is a costume, not a uniform."
  5. Who is the Colonel with the Canadian ribbons? Idle curiousity.
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