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  1. Looks like keeping the catapults in good nick during combat operations 29 June 1968 to 9 October 1968. And I missed his entitlement to a Combat V, further down the page. So from a group of five, I'm now up to a rack of ten. Am I right that the Navy Unit Commendation Medal is just a ribbon bar? Michael Omitting shore stations, he served on the following: USS Van Valkenburgh USS Everglades USS William R. Rush USS Everglades (again) USS Lofberg USS Ashtabula USS Stribling (1954 cruise) USS Constellation (1968) USS Cacapon USS Kearsage Active Nov. 16, 1948 to Nov. 15, 1968; Reserve to Nov. 1, 1978 Since we know that he was on Constellation in October 1968, I suspect that Cacapon and Kearsage were Naval Reserve postings. I need to check the cruise books for the other ships, but don't have an Ancestry World subscription anymore. And since many of the books aren't indexed I'd have to browse, and you can't do that with credits. Michael
  2. Probably a goof-up by the Records Branch. Michael
  3. I just got service papers for a Navy man - Korea and Vietnam. His record states ""1 Oak Leaf Cluster" for his National Defense Medal. MBE/OBE and War Medal with MID must mean service with a British or Commonwealth unit with no active service. Michael
  4. Got Smart's service record today, and he was on both the Constellation and Stribling. He also received the Navy Achievement Medal for the Constellation's 1968 Vietnam tour, a Navy Unit Commendation Medal, and was also entitled to an Asia clasp on his Occupation Medal. Also served on USS Van Valkenburgh (probably his Korea ship), and USS Kearsage, plus a number of others. Oak Leaf cluster (should this be a bronze star?) on his Defense, one Star on his Vietnam, and five stars on his Good Conduct, as he did another ten years with the USNR. A pity the Personnel Records didn't put in dates as well as ships, but I assume they are listed chronologically. Michael
  5. And one where my great-uncle Capitaine Marcel Verzieux was wounded and was awarde the Croix de Guerre. In the round photo he is wearing his Cross. The back of his watch still bears the marks (and still runs).
  6. Thank you, Veteran. That is what I thought. Michael
  7. The following post was made over on the British Medal Forum. I had a phone call last week from a chap who keeps his eyes open for me, he had been offered a dilapidated framed group of medals centred on a photo which had faded to nothing in the sunlight, according to a plaque set into the frame the recipient was a British lad named Ralph Genn. The family advised that he was born in SE London in 1890 into a reasonably "well to do" family but joined the French Foreign Legion aged 17 in 1897/98, served through the Great War with the Legion both in Indo-China, North Africa and Verdun, wounded twice, awarded the Medaille Militaire and several French medals and according to my contact a British Silver War Badge. Believe it or not I have found an MIC for that SWB as well and it does say French Foreign Legion for his unit ! It is believed that an identically framed group to his brother Cecil, six years younger, was extant a decade or so back, (he has the seller trying to locate this) that was a 1914-15 Star trio with an MSM, he was a Wireless linesman who served in the Middle East in the Great War and then volunteered for Murmansk where he earned an MSM. The family story is that a couple of years after the Great War Cecil joined a merchant ship in London's Victoria Dock and worked his passage to South America to earn big money in the Wireless Telegraph business but disappeared in the jungles in Bolivia or Peru and was never heard from again. Legionnaire Ralph apparently returned home after the war, discharged due to wounds and married, living out his life in Greenwich, dying in 1958. I am desperately trying to get some pics and the full story and hoping to buy it before the lady departs for her second home in Italy for the next 6 months, she apparently hopes to settle permanently out there. I had no idea that a SWB could be awarded like that ! In the event, it appears his claim for a SWB was rejected, since he wasn't serving in a British or Empire unit. One member suggested that he write to the Legion's HQ in Marseille. Do any of our anciens have an opinion of his chances of success (assuming that Genn was born over 120 years ago)? Michael
  8. The Royal Scottish Motor Yacht Club uses this flag, but with a propellor added. http://www.rsmyc.org.uk/a-short-history/ Michael
  9. I remember buying a nice ribbon bar (FORPRONU, Defense Nationale) from a member of the Gendarmerie Nationale. He had fond memories of working with Canadian Police in Former Yugoslavia.
  10. The medal roll states that Pte. Henry Mclean spent June and July 1866 in London Ontario, where a raid was expected. http://central.bac-lac.gc.ca/.item/?op=pdf&id=e008682265 Pte. George E. Savage spent 1 June to 18 July 1866 at St. Armand, Quebec, and the action at Pigeon Hill http://central.bac-lac.gc.ca/.item/?op=pdf&id=e008681448
  11. The GSM Malaya appears to be named to a member of the Singapore Police. The name seems Chinese. The Afghanistan NWF 1919 to Rlwys is probably this man: https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:FG4W-3WL William Edward Eric Mckinley, born 5 Nov. 1890, Saharanpur, Bengal, India Michael
  12. The Rolls confirm the clasps, with the notation "With 3rd Bn." (the roll is for the 2nd Bn.). Probably a reinforcement. Michael
  13. Here's the Warrant for the 1939-45 Star: http://medals.nzdf.mil.nz/warrants/h9-reg.html Here's the Defence Medal: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:DqdUS1kWjocJ:medals.nzdf.mil.nz/warrants/h17-reg.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca
  14. It happens at those shows. I unrolled a First War unit photograph to find that it was my grandfather's C.A.S.C. unit, and although he was invalided shortly after enlistment, he was in it! A postcard to a CEF officer showed a Toronto house that looked familiar. It should have, as I grew up in the house next to it, part of which was visible. Michael
  15. Bernhard, They are all from Rhone, where my maternal grandmother was born. Je me souviens.
  16. Bernhard, Thank you for bringing this to the fore again. For too many of my generation the Indochina campaign was just a prologue to the Vietnam War, and ancient history for those born after 1970. It is fitting to remember them. Parmi eux: Jacques François CHEVREAUX http://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr/arkotheque/client/mdh/guerre_indochine/detail_fiche.php?debut=0&ref=1606400 Gérard CIONE http://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr/arkotheque/client/mdh/guerre_indochine/detail_fiche.php?debut=0&ref=1606718 Etienne Maurice FUENTES http://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr/arkotheque/client/mdh/guerre_indochine/detail_fiche.php?debut=0&ref=1611200 Marc Francois GADEL http://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr/arkotheque/client/mdh/guerre_indochine/detail_fiche.php?debut=0&ref=1611244 André Ferdinand GARNOT http://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr/arkotheque/client/mdh/guerre_indochine/detail_fiche.php?debut=0&ref=1611447 Brunno GIOVATTI http://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr/arkotheque/client/mdh/guerre_indochine/detail_fiche.php?debut=0&ref=1611960 Gilbert Etienne GENOD http://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr/arkotheque/client/mdh/guerre_indochine/detail_fiche.php?debut=0&ref=1636384 Michael
  17. No, it is a the medal roll - and 47 is the page number. The medal is the General Service Medal 1918-64. His First War Medals were issued in India, so no MICs in the UK. As far as we know they were destroyed years ago. Hard to tell if he qualified for a 1914-15 Star, but my opinion is no. Michael
  18. Well, we are now past the stage of "vestiges of colonialism" and into probably increasing awareness in India of their history. Michael
  19. I think Peter's right. Perhaps something that didn't quite qualify for a Legion d'honneur. 1920 sounds like a "Great War Awards clean-up" Michael
  20. Caz, As far as service records go - no. Those who made it to Viceroy's Commission officer will appear in the Indian Army Lists, possibly with war service. Honours and Awards of the Indian Army lists those who were decorated in the First War, and of course Commonwealth War Grave Commission lists those who died. Michael P.S. Peter, we need to set a date to see your exhibition.
  21. I don't know whether this works with the new site or not, but my trick has been to Google the name and Gazette. It has usually worked where the old Gazette search facility didn't. Michael
  22. Not much call for them after 1914. The badge is Victorian, so pre-1902, although it would have been several years before new badges were struck under Edward VII. If you are lucky you might find a date inside. Fusilier busbies were only authorized in 1865, so you really are looking at 40 years. If I had to hazard a guess I'd say 1890 +/-10 Michael
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