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    Formation history: in particular Britain & Empire; USMC; Marines; Airborne; French Foreign Legion; European Armies; IDF; Imperial Japanese Army
  1. Hello David, I just wanted to highlight that dates of promotion are provided. I have been trying to find the website that provides all the "Schematismus" ..., "Milit?rschematismus", but just cannot locate it. Perhaps you can ask Mark C. He mentioned it. So long! Mike I
  2. Hi David, I have just acquired the "Schematismus" for 1905. As in most armies seniority of officers of the same rank is determined by the date of promotion. So the "Rangliste" in the "Schematismus" does give the dates of promotion! Kind regards, Mike
  3. Hi Charles, I'm a k.u.k. enthusiast myself and have just spent a fortune on a couple of must-have books on the Austro-Hungarian Army. I suggest you try to get hold of: Lucas, James: The Fighting Troops of the Austro-Hungarian Army 1868 - 1914. It's available on AbeBooks.com for 88.52 $. Kind regards, Mike
  4. Hello Sushil, thanks for your kind season's greetings and for recommending that great new publication which will be welcome by all Indian & Pakistani Army buffs. Kind regards, Mike
  5. Hi Paul, I have been reading a lot and watched a lot of German tv, but I have never heard of anyone belonging in that category. Of course, this ain't proof they do not exist. Regards, Mike
  6. Hi, actually the "von und zu GILSA" are a famous noble family, rooted in the state of Hesse! Since the 17th century they have served as officers, often rising to the rank of general. http://www.org/wiki/Gilsa_(Adelsgeschlecht) http://www.gilsa-online.de/_sgg/m1m6_1.htm
  7. Hi, thanks for enlightening me. Campaign Medals are not my forte I must admit. I was aware that the senior French Para regiments had been raised that early, but I was only aware of the Foreign Legion's stand at Bir-Hakeim. Toujours en pointe! Have a nice weekend! Mike [WOULD-BE Legionnaire]
  8. Hi Bobkohima, as your nickname suggests you simply had to remind all of us of the 4th Royal West Kents and their heroic defence of Kohima. A certain tennis court played a role I believe. Have a nice weekend, Mike
  9. Hi, I have only been able to trace a Mrs. Paukstat. http://bando.dijtokyo.org/?page=person_detail.php_id=335 Dr. just = Doktor (med.); Toni for Antonius! Actually still quite a few MDs named Paukstat around in Germany! Regards, Mike
  10. Hi Barney, I believe it was Kaiser Bill himself who is credited with this quotation. Ludendorf did not yet hold a prominent General Staff position at the start of World War 1 sufficient to be deemed worth citing. Regards, Mike #
  11. Cheer up! To complete the confusion - we have quite forgotten about the Luftwaffe ground troops! "Fallschirm"-Panzergrenadier-Divisions 1 & 2 "Hermann G?ring" each had a "Fallschirm"-Panzer-F?silier-Batallion (1 & 2). Nil desperandum!
  12. Hi, Airborne units in North Africa in World War 2? More likely during the Algerian uprising in the 50s. Well, what about the Troupes Coloniales? Regards, Mike
  13. Hi Leigh, yes, the first company or squadron was equipped with bicycles. Regards, Mike
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