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  1. About the same time period I was a Battery Commander. I have the unit guidon presented to me by the NCOs. Wouldn't part with it for the world. Hangs on the wall of the War Room.
  2. Tim, excellent additions to the body of information. I've learned some things from your posts; e.g. that the NY medals have a SN and that there were two versions of the PA medal. I have a few of these State medals and find them quite interesting.
  3. gjmotll - welcome to GMIC! And thanks for reviving this thread - I've been wondering what our friends found out from the various museums. I am not a modeller myself, but you may not actually need to go to West Point for measurements. May I recommend two places that have modelling as primary focus, and at the same time are excellent artillery resources. This site Landships II and this forum Landships WWI Forum as excellent resources for modellers. Some of the most knowledgeable artillery experts known online frequent these sites and I am certain can help you with the modelling aspects. As f
  4. My notes from 251. Divisions show RFAR 32 with 23. Res. Div in 1915 and 1916. I'm getting ready to sit down to a "romantic" dinner with my Frau; so, I probably won't be able to check deeper in my references until tomorrow.
  5. From the image, it does look to be pure white on the edges. Of course, who knows what ribbon the maker of the bar had on hand to represent whatever decoration. Good luck in your hunt.
  6. Well, rather than hunting blind, the Goering information is a key clue that certainly helps narrow down the search. Certainly none of my suggestions fit. Here is a You can look yourself at all of the possibilities listed in that topic. But based on your image, I think you are mistaken about the edge stripes. It looks to me to be a wide white stripe and then a narrow red stripe on the very outside edge and this would match with the Yugoslavia Order of the White Eagle. This award is specifically discussed in the above GMIC topic.
  7. Then there is the US Legion of Merit. Although, the white edge stripes are more narrow than your "mock up" Awarded in 4 grades; with Officer, Commander, and Chief Commander being awarded only to foreigners. Legionnaire is awarded to both foreigners and US military. The top 3 grades always have a ribbon device on the bar. (This image shows the ribbon as "purplish" but it really is red like the one above.)
  8. Latvia comes close with this one... But in your "mock up" it doesn't have the very narrow red edge stripes. The Cross of Recognition (Latvian language: Atzinības krusts); awarded in 5 grades since 1938 to Latvians and foreigners for work in developing the military and national security. Latvian President's website description
  9. What caused you to put this in the Central and Eastern European States forum? Do you have any other info like possible country? Any clues you already have might be helpful to trigger some thoughts by other members. Here's my guess: Poland's "Odznaka Honorowa Bene Merito" - "Badge of Honour "Bene Merito"; awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2009 to Polish citizens and foreigners for work in the international arena that strengthens Poland's image. Only one grade however. Ribbon from wikipedia: The medal:
  10. ​ That's why I asked about its location. I've been to Potsdam - both before and after the Wall came down - and never remember seeing it in town or out at Sans Souci. I would've taken a trip out there next time in Berlin if it still existed. One of the most impressive WWI regimental monuments. Too bad it's gone.
  11. Too bad. One of the more impressive monuments I've seen... I wonder if the barracks exists...
  12. Also known as "table medals" or "art medals" in English. A collectible field that gets little notice I think among "mainstream" militaria collectors. They usually can be found as an extension of numismatics - called Exonumia
  13. ​I believe the server/website update continues. Images have not been "lost" and will reappear to all posts once the update is completed. Please, see Nick's announcement on the update: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?/announcement/1-new-forum-upgrade-please-read/
  14. Thanks Michael. So, the palms appear to be a usual device for the medal.
  15. I've see quite a few of these for sale. They seem to be in bronze or silver and named. Any idea of their origin, purpose?
  16. Has anyone seen the Médaille Sociétés de Secours aux Blesses Militaires with a palm device before? If so, any ideas as to criteria to receive the palm? PS: Link to another GMIC thread regarding the Médaille Sociétés de Secours aux Blesses Militaires
  17. I always figured those Canadian Geese were doing something more than simply crapping in my yard.
  18. Interesting. One question - not to sharp shoot or second guess - but I am wondering: Do you know how this damage to this particular sword occurred? A clumsy dealer or collector? I am thinking that I wouldn't attempt this unless I was sure it was something like one of those scenarios. What if the damage occurred in combat or is otherwise "original" versus modern day clumsiness? You might not know that...or even care, but I'm just playing a devil's advocate here... (PS: As much as I play devil's advocate to your posts, you might wonder if your wife hasn't put me up to it... )
  19. McNair Barracks was also home to C Battery 94th FA (later reflagged E Battery 321st FA) and one IrishGunner for 3 years in the early 80s.
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