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  1. Welcome aboard Clive, Like you I collect mainly Imperial but have a few representative 1939s. Sascha-- Nicely done. I had not seen that explained that well before.
  2. It's not for sale ---yet. I'm a collecter. I still have some of the things I collected as a kid. I find it very hard to let go. My wife hates that about me.
  3. If it were not for the 800 silver stamp, I would say it was made for the 60's biker market.---that may still be a posibility
  4. I've never seen this style of attachment used on Eks.
  5. WOW !!! That is a GREAT piece. The detail in the Lion Order is amazing.
  6. Could it be a "We" I have seen a few like that------ Here is mine----
  7. Most likely a good cross. I would say it's a Jubilee piece (post 1895) judging from the poor details in the core.
  8. If you have to have only one Iron Cross, You chose a nice one.
  9. The inscription in the bottom of the box says-- "In memory of the great war and your loyalty to the old country" (Thanks Chris for the translation)
  10. The piece is from "Wollenberger & Co." 105 So. La Salle st.-- Chicago It has a US. 5 cent stamp on it, unfortunately the date on the cancellation is not readable. My guess is somewhere in the 1920s. I blocked out the name and address of the buyer in case he or his family is still around.
  11. Here is a neat little item--- A new in the box table medal.
  12. Trevor, Interesting information. I had always assumed that Floch was the faker--I mean maker.
  13. I read somewhere that many turned their Eks backwards after the king abdicated in 1918 so that the royal initials were not displayed.
  14. No reason--why you shouldn't show it. I would much rather have a cross that shows some history, than a shiney mint example in a box. I like the early ribbons with the white stripes painted on them and yours is a nice long example.
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